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UI/UX デザイナー

Make modern design for B2B software



  • CEO, Engineer

    Master of Mech Eng. The Univ. of Tokyo
    Undergrad of Mech Eng. The Univ. of Tokyo
    Study abroad in Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Skill (Engineer):
    Blockchain(Bitocin, Ethereum)
    Node.js(Meteor, Express)

  • Full stack Engineer from Taiwan.

  • こんにちは!
    My name is Kevin Nguyen and I am from Hawaii.
    I have a BS (Bachelor of Science) in CS (Computer Science) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    My dream has always been to work in Tokyo.
    I love Japan's culture and food!
    I hope that my skills developed from formal Western education can be...


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If there is anyone out there, who still doubts IT is what all things are possible, who still wonders why international trade is still out of date, who still questions why you can not change it, "Zenport" is your answer.

"Zenport" is an international trade service for enterprise. It will power exporters and importers by decreasing their backend tasks and optimizing their logistics with AI and Blockchain.

With Zenport, we will change the international trade, and make the world more flat.


Our vision is to grasp the tail of the times.
On the 19th century, Prussian politician Otto von Bismarck has the following words.

"The work of a politician is to listen to the footsteps of God who is going through history, trying to grab that patience as God passes by."

Here, God is the times.
In other words, this means that politicians do not make the times , the times have already been decided, and those who grasp are politicians.

What we can do is not to deviate from the times, but is to stare at the times, then grasp it.

This also should be applied to business. What we can do is only to grasp the tail of the times.

But still, we think that it is sufficient.

And we want to grasp that.

What is the meaning of this times?

How do technologies approaching the redefinition of this community of humankind create times?
Where will you take humanity from the nation as an imaginary community?

We are trying to figure it out.

If you share the same thoughts, let's look for them together.
We may not be a special superior person, but still we should catch the hem.

We believe so.


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We have seven members and five of us are engineers, and one of us are designer.

Our team is a international one.Four of us are foreigners, from U.S., Taiwan and Spain. Our common language is English, so you don't need to mind about communication, even though you are not good at Japanese.

All of us hope to make our service to be used in the world. We will expand our service globally, China, U.S. and your country too.

If you also believe in we will make it, why not join us?


We are looking for designer who will join us and design our service "Zenport", the enterprise software for international trade.

We think the value of design is equal to or higher than that of technology and business-model.

Let us fight for a new world.

Design and front-end engineering for web and mobile app of Zenport

- Experience of design for web application
- Experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS





Gather from six countries.


We keep code clean and scalable.


探している人 UI/UX デザイナー
採用形態 新卒採用 / インターン・学生バイト / 中途採用 / 副業・契約・委託
募集の特徴 留学生さん歓迎 / ランチをご馳走します
創業者 加世田 敏宏
設立年月 2015年7月
社員数 11人のメンバー
関連業界 流通・小売 / 商社・卸売 / 情報通信(基盤/SI/パッケージ)










Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Mita-hachiman Bld.1101, 3-7-16

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