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Global Engineers Wanted!!!



  • 在学中である2007年末からエンジニアグループnequal を立ち上げ、サービスなどを運営。2010年中央大学大学院卒業後、グリー株式会社に入社。退社後2011年2月株式会社クロコスを立ち上げ、CTO就任。日本初のFacebook社”認定マーケティング開発社”となる。2012年8月、クロコスをヤフー株式会社へ売却。その後もヤフーのグループ会社としてクロコスの事業成長と平行して、ヤフー自身のソーシャルの展開、新規事業を担当。強い開発組織のためのマネージメントを経験した後、2015年5月、株式会社メルカリに参画。執行役員CTOとして、技術領域全般を統括。

  • 株式会社メルカリ HRグループ マネージャー。採用及び制度企画等を担当
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/takaya_i


  • 代表取締役社長

  • エンジニア


Mercari was launched in 2013 and has since become the largest mobile marketplace in Japan with over 75 million downloads worldwide.
We are on a mission to become a truly global marketplace. With a fast-growing user base in the US of over 20 million downloads and a new office in the UK, we are on our way to doing just that.
Investors love us too! In March of this year, we raised $75 million in a round of funding, becoming Japan’s first pre-IPO unicorn.
We are serious about creating innovative services that will leave mark on the world and change the way people shop.

Featured article:


Mission statement:
Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell

Our world today is overflowing with things and services. New things become old quickly, and we are constantly creating waste by throwing out things that could still be used by someone else. Starting in Japan and the US, Mercari wants to eliminate waste worldwide by enabling peer to peer selling with our safe and easy-to-use flea market app.


We have three core values that bind us together as a company:
Go Bold
All for One
Be Professional

These values guide us on our mission to take the Mercari marketplace experience worldwide. We're always looking for talented individuals to join our multicultural team. Why don’t you give us a hand?


If you speak English, or have the passion to learn on the job, we want to hear from you! We’re looking for engineers who can help with Mercari’s ongoing global projects.
Mercari’s next Drink Meetup will be on 9/6 (Thu) at 19:30. This event is all about bringing together Global Engineers in Tokyo, and it features a special traditional Japanese AWAODORI at the office! We look forward to meeting you all!!!

Event details and registration:

▼ We welcome engineers who can work globally!
* You’ll work directly with our US/UK team members on our various global projects
* With business trips to San Francisco and London, we welcome anyone with confidence in their English and engineering abilities!

▼ How you’ll work
* You’ll be working on US/UK projects on a trip-by-trip basis
* Employed by Japan office, but positioned in US/UK (long-term or short-term transfers)

▼ Work environment
Each of our talented engineers brings their own unique background and experiences to the table. We have a very relaxed office atmosphere, where results and quality of work are more important than working long overtime hours.

▼ We’re looking for people who:
* Share our passion for globalizing Mercari’s business
* Are willing to take big risks and learn from mistakes
* Can take initiative and contribute new ideas in order for the team to succeed
* Can take ownership of their work, and give 100% towards everything

▼ Open positions
・iOS Engineer
・Android Engineer
・Software Engineer (Server Side)
・Software Engineer (ML/NLP)
・Software Engineer (Mobile Testing)
・Software Engineer in Test (SET)
・Backend System Engineer
・Site Reliability Engineer
・Security Engineer
・Frontend Engineer

We’re also accepting applications for other types of engineers!
If you’re interested, why not come check out our office?

We look forward to hearing from you!


探している人 Engineer
採用形態 新卒採用 / 中途採用
募集の特徴 言語を活かした仕事 / 海外に出張あり / 留学生さん歓迎 / 学生さんも歓迎 / ランチをご馳走します
創業者 山田 進太郎
設立年月 2013年2月
社員数 600人のメンバー
関連業界 情報通信(Web/モバイル)








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