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We need iOS Engineer for matching app


株式会社ラングメイトのメンバー もっと見る

  • Langmate CEO
    I seriously think that I want to connect Japanese people with people all over the world.
    I recruit talented people who are curious and curious about Internet services.

  • After graduating from university, join to an artificial hot spring company.
    Handle overseas deals.
    I felt the necessity of English and studied English in Cebu at the age of 35.
    Focus on what you can speak English and master it.
    After returning home, my brother joined as Langmate's project man...

  • 初めまして。
    私 はソフトウェアエンジニアです




  • More than 92% of users will have matching within 1 hour
  • "Japan love" by foreigners is far beyond our imagination

Langmate is a company that develops and operates a matching service "Langmate" that connects Japanese people with people all over the world.

As of April 2019, it has been used by more than 450,000 people interested in Japanese culture, cartoons and animation, movies and music, history and literature, tourism and gourmet in 218 countries.

Langmate has already been downloaded 1.2 million and ranked high in the education rankings of Apple stores worldwide.

Users around the world can use Langmate to become friends with Japanese people and learn Japanese.
Japanese can experience international exchange and can learn English.


  • We connect Japan and the world with one swipe.
  • Langmate aims to be an essential service for people from all over the world to come to Japan.

Langmate was released as an iOS app in 2016.
People in the world are saying.
"It is difficult to be friends with Japanese people"
We wanted to solve this problem.

Japanese people are famous for their love of travel.
There are many Japanese who are interested in the world and want to be friends with people all over the world.
Langamte was launched as a service that connects such Japanese people with the world.

More than two years after the service started, Langmate has grown.
Langmate is within 10th place in over 150 countries worldwide. (App store's Education category DL ranking)
However, Langmate can still improve the value of the service.
The goal is to gain popularity among foreigners who have been increasing year by year and foreigners who like Japanese culture.


  • Langmate's staff will support your life in Japan.
  • CEO and Project Manager is a brother. Both love traveling.

Langmate Co., Ltd. is a startup company founded on July 28, 2017.
Currently, we are developing with only three people, and we are looking for the ability to accelerate to the world.

・ We do not choose work place, time depending on you
If you earn the trust of us, you can work at a time and place that is perfect for you.
At first we gather in the office in Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo about three times a week to discuss and develop.

・ The center of service development is me
The theme of development is "world-class service".
If you have a global perspective, actively go ahead and pull Langmate.
Please try to download Langmate once.
We are looking for your skills and passion.

Support to get a visa.
We have a lot of experience getting visas.


Would you like to challenge the global market with us?

I would like to work with engineers who want to make a service not to lose overseas.

This time we are looking for foreign engineers who want to work in Japan.

The details are as follows.

★We need iOS Engineer for matching app★

Job Description
· Development of new functions of the application and correction of bugs
· Development of services applicable to global markets

Ability required
· Experience of developing iOS application on professional field for over 2 years
(Experience of releasing, and managing applications for iOS mobile consumers )

· Experience level experience of iOS programmig with swift
. Experience with Firebase & Firestore
· Experience in a collaboration team environment
· Broad vision and curiosity for the global market
·English skills

* If you have the following experiences and abilities, it is more favorable

. Knowledge of expert level with Android/Kotlin
. Japanese skills
· Experience with startup
· Matching application development experience

※ I would like to meet and meet with you regarding the conditions.

Thank you.


  • 2017/07 に設立
  • 4人のメンバー
  • 2-3-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Muranakabir 5th Floor
  • We need iOS Engineer for matching app