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How about joining as Sales/Marketing?



  • CEO, Engineer

    Master of Mech Eng. The Univ. of Tokyo
    Undergrad of Mech Eng. The Univ. of Tokyo
    Study abroad in Tsinghua Univ. (China)

    Skill (Engineer):
    Blockchain(Bitocin, Ethereum)
    Node.js(Meteor, Express)

  • Responsible for the business development at Zenport.
    20 year experience of business development, international trading, and marketing at Mitsubishi Corp., The Boston Consulting Group, and Misumi Corp., a global EC player of mass-customized machinery parts.
    MBA, IMD, Switzerland
    BA, Hitotsubashi U...


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If there is anyone out there, who still doubts IT is what all things are possible, who still wonders why international trade is still out of date, who still questions why you can not change it, "Zenport" is your answer.

"Zenport" is an international trade service for enterprise. It will power exporters and importers by decreasing their backend tasks and optimizing their logistics with Blockchain.

With Zenport, we will change the international trade, and make the one world market.


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Our vision, in short, it is to unify the world,
That is, the completion of globalization.

Globalization, it originates in the new continent by Columbus in 1492.

For the first time in human history, "world" came to mean "all places on the earth".

With this achievements of Columbus, the world has changed completely.

The migration of food, resources, and human beings between the New World and the former continent has changed the world significantly.

For example, it was a potato that met European hunger, rubber that caused industrial revolution, silver that established the monetary system.

This intercontinental fellowship is called "Columbus exchange".

And the rapid change that resulted from it has come to be called posterity, "trade revolution".

As a result of this trade revolution, the world was connected to one.

In terms of trade, what Columbus did was to expand its face.

However, there are still many obstacles in this aspect.

Numerous documents. Complicated tax system. Laborious settlement.

These pre-modern tasks prevent the the smooth flow of things.

Moreover, because of the those problems, individuals who want to start trade cannot make values for the world.

We hope to change this situation by cutting edge technology.

- Automation of document preparation / verification
- Automated arrangement of customs clearance
- Automatic settlement linked with movement of goods without collateral required

Maker can concentrate only on making things.
We want to make such a world.

We will distribute more products in the world than ever before.
Then we will accelerate the world economy.

We have defined this as a trade revolution since Columbus and we are working on this realization.


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We have ten members and six of them are engineers,
CEO is an engineer too, then you don't need to mind about communication.
Our team is a international one. The members come from Taiwan, US, Spain, India and France . Our common language is English, so you don't need to mind about communication, even though you are not good at Japanese.
All of us hope to make our service to be used in the world. We will expand our service globally, Asia, U.S., Europe and your country too.
If you also believe in we will make it, why not join us?


We are looking for Biz Dev for our product, Zenport, the enterprise software for international trade.

Let us make one world market together.

- Build the scheme of Sales & Marketing
・Improving awareness
・Making scaling model
・Lead generation
・Closing a sales

- Experiences of B2B software sales
(Especially the experience of SaaS for SMB)

- Experiences as marketing
・Basis of web marketing
・Basis of traditional(analog) marketing

- English(Business level)

- To sympathized with our Mission/Core values.

- Sales experience of import.
- The skill of logical thinking.
- The skill of optional thinking.


- Breaking down the borders of world economy to create one world market.

■Core values
- Challenge
Let us get out of comfort zone.

- Ownership
Let us believe in who will change that is us, then move by ourselves.

- User first
Let us make what user wants, not what we want.

- Be innovative
Let us show our own ideas. Don't just follow the common sense.


探している人 セールス
採用形態 中途採用
募集の特徴 言語を活かした仕事 / 海外に出張あり / Skypeで話を聞ける / 友達と一緒に訪問OK / ランチをご馳走します
創業者 加世田 敏宏
設立年月 2015年7月
社員数 8 メンバー
関連業界 流通・小売 / 商社・卸売 / 情報通信(基盤/SI/パッケージ)








3-7-16, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Mita-hachiman Bld.1101

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