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Senior Software Engineer

Games studio wants a creative coder with technical excellence.

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  • I'm the founder of LandShark Games, and the lead developer. I've been developing software professionally for more than 20 years. I've worked for games companies like Broderbund, and Cinemaware. We are looking for coding talent to join our team.

What we do

  • 397daaf6 ed96 4784 a61b a0b41a5c67e4?1548233206 We develop mobile games!
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LandShark Games is a games development studio founded in 2010 by Paul Naylor and Kim Tay Naylor. They are the creative force behind hit games such as Aviator, Monster Candy, and Zen Koi.

Why we do

  • 89dd2c9e e12c 4593 b0b3 ae602fea1df4?1547462051 We participate in industry events and shows.
  • 3dbf1d63 c801 4a04 a54d 6e49b17956e5?1547462052 Plugging our games at industry shows!

At LandShark Games, we believe in joy of play and telling meaningful stories. We believe that games should be made accessible to everyone. We believe in designing an amazing experience for people to interact with. We hope with the games we have made like 'Aviator’'and 'Zen Koi', we are helping to redefine the casual social games space, by ‘upgrading’ casual game players to mid-core social games with the focus on story-based gameplay.

How we do

  • 04c374d0 3584 4da5 a213 cef2ff5584bc?1547531054 We play games to understand game systems!
  • 11ffaf6a 9c70 4569 b9bb c93165ac986c?1547532603 We take time out to share our knowledge.

As the social games market matures, players will demand more sophisticated, deeper gameplay experiences while still appealing to a broad audience. Our culture and game design philosophy is therefore geared towards surpassing this demand.


Games development experience is not strictly necessary, but you must have a mastery of the skills of software engineering, and have an interest in working with energetic creative people who are passionate about their work. We are currently developing a new mobile game. Most of the development work will be on this new project and on developing and supporting our existing mobile title Zen Koi.

The successful candidate will be working with the rest of the development team to help architect and develop great mobile games. Your valuable input will help steer the technical direction of each project.

Work will be split between managing development of the mobile game client(s), and development and maintenance of the supporting server features.

Job Requirements
Good Computer Science and Software Engineering fundamentals are critical. You should have enough experience to make the best decisions when developing a system, allowing it to be intuitively understood by other programmers, easily extensible, and durable as the project moves forward. You need the discipline to resist taking shortcuts or writing fragile code.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience, and be able to demonstrate competency in: systems design, architecture, c#, Unity 3D, caching, communications, UI, security, serialization, authentication, and server programming (Java, Go, or Python) and scalable server technologies.

You should be able to design and implement complex systems and tools, like asset managers and screen transition systems, be familiar with mobile IAP, client-server communications, memory management, performance tuning, etc.

Basic info
Looking for Senior Software Engineer
Job type Contract work/part-time / Full-time
Special features Available to talk on Skype / Free snacks/lunch
Company info
Founder Paul Naylor
Founded on January, 2010
Headcount 5 members
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Entertainment

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28 Sin Ming Lane #02-143 Midview City Singapore 573972

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