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Full Stack Engineer (Data Science Team)

WANTED! Full Stack Engineer | Drive development of a video-based language learning service!

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What we do

Rakuten is a Japan’s leading Internet services company, being largest e-commerce company in Japan, and third largest e-commerce marketplace company worldwide. With around 40 businesses and services expanding its business to more than 25 countries and regions worldwide. Our global footprint starts from Japan to Asia, the Americas and Europe with a wide portfolio of services.

Rakuten is also an Eco-system of online services, providing a variety of consumer and business-focused services including e-commerce, e-reading, travel, banking, securities, credit card, e-money, portal and media, online marketing and professional sports.

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Why we do

As the internet becomes a given in all of our lives, and a part of the world’s essential infrastructure, Rakuten is thinking about what that change means for us all, 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

We started out as champions of innovation in e-commerce. We were the first company globally to successfully launch a merchant-focused e-commerce marketplace, one that is now the platform of choice for more than 40,000 merchants and a leader in our home market of Japan. We were the first to launch a financial business from a position of strength in e-commerce and now we are gaining fast on Japan’s traditional financial sector giants, with credit card membership that puts us in the top three and innovative payment services that once again put us in the forefront of providing best-in-class services to small and medium-size businesses around Japan.

As Rakuten has matured over our first twenty years, we have also become increasingly aware of the responsibility that comes with innovation and industry leadership. We have lead Japan on improving data management and privacy standards, encouraging diversity and inclusion and developing the next generation of responsible tech entrepreneurs.

How we do

Rakuten principles

1. Always Improve, Always Advance
There are only two kinds of people in the world: Best Effort people are satisfied with the status “when they fail, they console themselves by saying "I did my best." "Get Things Done" people are absolutely committed to reaching their goals. With enough determination and effort -- by being a Get Things Done person -- you can achieve anything.

2. Passionately Professional
Rakuten is an organization composed of true professionals. Real professionals in any field? Whether in sports, the arts, science, business or anything else? Only reach the top because they have the self-discipline to develop and improve themselves continuously. Only by consistently working many times harder than our competitors can we consistently win.

3. Hypothesize - Practice - Validate - Shikumika
Success in business depends on making and executing concrete specific action plans.

4. Maximize Customer Satisfaction
Rakuten is first and foremost a service company. We're proud to serve our customers and we ceaselessly seek to improve their experience.

5. Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!
The Internet makes the window of opportunity for every small business. Accomplish in one month what it takes other companies a year to do, because we can only win by being many times faster than our competitors.


About Us:

Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) is a think-tank and technology incubator for Rakuten Group – focusing on data R&D and strategic technology development. With offices in Tokyo, Boston, Paris, San Mateo, and Singapore, RIT contributions cover a broad range of topics, including Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, High-performance computing, UI/UX, and multimedia processing.


If you are an experienced full-stack engineer with interest in AI and passion for building new products, join us at Rakuten Institute of Technology Singapore.

Rakuten Institute of Technology Singapore is looking for full-stack engineers to drive development of a video-based language learning service. As part of the RIT engineering team, you will have an exciting opportunity to collaborate with research scientists, engineers and business units across the Rakuten group companies, and drive innovation with long-term benefits for the company.

Our recent projects include interactive language learning with digital content, machine translation and speech recognition systems, personalized recommendations for videos and articles. We are responsible for providing stable and high quality system to power long term innovation.


Design and develop interactive learning web application with smooth experience and low latency.
Design and develop scalable data platform, with good performance on unstructured data CRUD operations and flexibility for change & expansion.
Contribute to the whole process of product development including feature design, development, testing and evaluation, release and performance monitoring.
Work closely with RIT’s data scientists; understand their research findings and convert them to production-ready system.
Keep efficient communications with all stakeholders including business units within the Rakuten group.

Must have:

Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or related field.
Experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, ReactJs, Angular, etc.
Experience in at least one language for web backend application & data processing, such as Java, Python, etc.
Experience in NoSQL database, such as Redis, Solr, MongoDB, etc.
Experience in Linux system operation, ability to manage system level task such as monitoring and troubleshooting your deployed applications.
Good communication skills, ability to work in fast pace R&D.
High motivation for learning, skill up, system ownership and contribution to the team.
Good to have:

Experience on cloud computing service, such as AWS.
Experience in handling multilingual data.
Experience working with Video.js or similar web video framework.
Practical knowledge of web system performance tuning including OS, middleware, I/O and application.
Knowledge in data science domains, such as NLP, Data Mining, and Deep Learning will help your collaboration with data scientists.

Basic info
Looking for Full Stack Engineer (Data Science Team)
Job type Full-time
Special features Free snacks/lunch

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