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Frontend Developer for AI chatbots


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  • 1980年生まれ。慶應義塾大学大学院後期博士課程単位取得。博士(政策・メディア)。2005年より同大学院研究員として、知識ベースシステム、マルチデータベース、ビジュアリゼーション、教育およびキャリア開発におけるデータベース利用に関する研究に従事(~2009年)。2013年2月、米国にてAppSocially Inc.を創業。専門はデータベース、知識ベース、マルチメディアデータベース、顧客開発、UX、および、グロースハック。TechCrunch Japan、日経BPおよびGrowthHacker.jpに、ソーシャル、モバイル、グロースに関連する記事を寄稿中。

  • 1976年生まれ。慶應義塾大学環境情報学部卒業、同大学大学院政策・メディア研究科修士課程修了。2005年同大学大学院後期博士課程修了。博士(政策・メディア)取得。AppSociallyでは、データサイエンティストとして活動しており、主にChatcenter Aiにおけるオペレーションの自動化について研究開発を行っている。その他、株式会社エアリー代表取締役、嘉悦大学講師、メディアアートユニットh.oテクニカルディレクターとしても活動しており、ビジネス・教育・アートという異なる分野を行き来している。

  • I'm a co-founder of Matchsal, a matching service for players and eventers of soccer and futsal. I'm also a Senior Web Engineer. I have years of experience as a full stack creator of large web platforms.

    I enjoy working at the forefront of web technologies: Static react-based frontends, graphql...

  • 昨年、定年退職し、再雇用されたソフトウェア開発者。今年60歳を迎える。

    現在、IBM Watson Health 開発でAudit Platform開発・導入チームのリーダーを担当。Audit Platformは、監査ログなどの収集・管理を行うシステム。システム導入のスケジュールなどの管理に従事。

    ウェブ開発ツールの開発マネージャーも担当。ウェブ開発ツールは、Eclipseベースで、HTML・JSPエディター、ウェブサイト作成ツールなどを出荷。また、コンサルタントとして、Rational Team Concert (RTC) の導入、Agile transformationの...


  • Comunication can be done by automatically and manually.

AppSocially was founded in Silicon Valley in 2013 and started its journey with the support from 500 startups. We launched a Japanese branch in Tokyo and are currently working in international collaboration of San Francisco, Hanoi, and Tokyo teams. We are mainly helping national clients to use AI chatbots that "actually works" in a business scene and daily life.

Our mission is to make the world a better place where people can feel more connected. We are offering ChatCenter Ai, a hybrid communication platform for optimizing and automating communication between enterprises and their customers, and Bot Editor, a scenario creation tool for AI chatbots.

Our company is based on Silicon Valley culture, in which bright entrepreneurs from all over the world gather and work hard with scientific approach. we believe we can make the world a happier, healthier, more productive place where people can feel more connected with the power product, data, and design. Let's work together to contribute to the future of the world!


  • Meetings with abroad/remote teams

There has been a lot of automation tools for communication such as AI chatbots for the past few years and some companies are adapting its tehcnology to their business. Yet, there are few that are practically operating these communication tools in s way that brings changes to their business and lives.

This is why we are constantly pursuing to create a product that "is actually useful and changes the way we live and work".

Despite the high expectation for AI and chatbots, we still have a long way to reach a point to where AI completely replace human brain. And most people deal with the technical difficulties by pouring more human resources and computing power. We believe, with the power of product, data, and design, that we can solve this problem.

We aim to go beyond just automation. We strive to create a product where humans and machines can work together.

By changing the way of communication, we'll make the world a better place.


  • Meeting under a great sky!

What we most value is a startup culture. This is not a size of a company or founded dates. It is the culture in which members can work hard with their teammates to achieve a goal. Most of us at AppSocially are working because we have the shared goal to contribute the evolution of human .

*Free gym fees for maintaining employees health
*Protein, beer, and other drinks are always available
*Free lunch & dinner (We have a kitchen in the office)


We are looking for a Front-End developer to work closely with our developing team to create an AI chatbot tool and scenario tool. We are a Tokyo based IT company that was founded in Silicon Valley and started its journey with the support from 500 startups. We believe that, with the art of product design, data, and scenario, we can overcome the technical challenges with AI technology and provide the real value to the world. Our culture is very casual and open. If you’re looking for work/workplace that excites you every morning, we’ll be a perfect fit for you.

Please contact us if you;
*like to work with new technologies and methods
*want to focus on outcomes in flat and causal culture
*want to work with bright and well-experienced people with a very open mind

*Develop new features with quality and speed
*Work closely with other members and deliver great communication (Japanese or/and English)
*Work with ownership and strong sense of purpose
The details of your work responsibilities will be decided based on discussion on your interest/skill and our project status.

* Modern Javascript (ES2015+, Babel, Webpack)
* Frontend Javascript (React, Angular, Vue)
* Lambda functions (Node.js)
* GraphQL
* SQL Database (MySQL, Postgresql)
* NoSQL Database (Firestore)

Developing Process
* Unit testing
* CI/CD (automated testing and deployment)
* Docker

Skills below are plus
* Natural Language Processing
* Machine Learning

*Very high intelligence
*Strong sense of purpose
*Relentless focus on success
*Aggressive and competitive
*High quality bar bordering on perfectionism
*Likes changing and disrupting things
*New ideas on how to do things better
*High integrity
*Surrounds themselves with good people
*Cares about building real value (over perception)
*Understands teams can go further although one can get thins done faster
*work hard like an athlete


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  • Frontend Developer for AI chatbots