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Events Executive

Events Executive | Bring our one-of-the-kind photo booth experience to exciting events!


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What we do

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Ubersnap is a fast-growing startup with a product that people truly love. In 2016, we launched the world’s first GIF photo booth with holographic prints. Within a short timespan, we’ve done over 500 events with some of the largest brands in the world (including Apple, Uniqlo, Facebook, L’Oréal, BMW, Mercedes and Sephora). Over 80,000 guests have laughed, moved and danced at our photo booth.

Watch us at the Singapore Night Festival:

Why we do

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Our purpose is to help people remember the best moments in their lives, by bringing holographic prints to every single person in the world. We're creating a company that can be scaled to multiple cities, in multiple countries.

How we do

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At Ubersnap, we believe in creating products with an element of surprise.

Be an entrepreneur:
• Work on new and interesting problems.
• Apply bold and original thinking.
• Be judged on results, not the number of hours you spend at the office.

Always be improving:
• Keep learning. Be the better you.
• Look for new and better ways to do the same old stuff.

Embrace the adventure:
• Be humble and collaborative. We’re in this together.
• Own your mistakes and learn from them.
• Walk a different path. If we can’t do it different, why bother?


Your role:

You will play a key role, in being the crucial link between Ubersnap and our clients. You’re the face of the company, advocating for our service to our clients and ensuring that they receive the best possible experience they can imagine.

Your goals:

• Handle inbound sales leads
• Build relationships with key clients
• Provide personalised service to clients
• Ensure that service quality standards are maintained at events
• Train and manage part-time crew

Join us if:

• You care deeply about your customers
• You leave your ego at the door, and are open to ideas and criticism
• You’re collaborative, not aggressive
• You love solving problems in new and innovative ways

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LTC Building B, 12 Arumugam Road #03-08, Singapore 409958

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