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IT Support
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WANT! IT Support to simplify our work


東信国際物業(株)のメンバー もっと見る

  • I am the director of MinaStay. Origin from Hong Kong with over ten years of team building experience. Now is focusing on building up the new team in the new territories, Japan, while overlooking the Hong Kong team remotely. Love to work with passionate person! Wish to meet you in person!


MinaStay is a startup company based in Osaka. With the growing acceptance & demand of the vacations accommodation market all around the World. MinnaStay are built up to create & operate quality and reliable vacations accommodation for the local and international tourist. We are hiring passionated talent to build a new standard for the new ear of vacations accommodation!

Minastay は大阪を拠点とするスタートアップ企業です。
Minastay は、グローバルそしてローカルの旅行者をターゲットに、バケーションレンタルの立ち上げから、運用、クオリティコントロールまで一貫して行います。


  • We creating high quality travel accommodation for the huge tourist market
  • We creating high quality travel accommodation for the huge tourist market

We believe people will have the most creativity when the people take pride and joy in their work. A people's job take up one third of one's life. So, we want to hire people would be excited about their work & the team they would work with!



  • Offering co-working space which injet us energy for the expanding work!
  • Offering co-working space which injet us energy for the expanding work!

Our team believe working & private life are supplementary instead of strict trade off! We offer the best Wework co-working space to our team! We used the most updated cloud app to allow collaboration from anywhere! We believer our team member should have a work-life harmony! We have great place, free flow of coffee, tea and beer! We hope our team gain happiness & satisfaction at work and go home with tremendous energy with family! In turn enjoying the private life and back to our workspace with tremendous energy! This cycle proven to be a successful in our experience!



We are expanding the Minpaku Management & Development Business in Osaka & Tokyo area! If you are an energetic and passionated person specialist at the IT application field! Please have a coffee with us to talk about!

We in need of experienced people to use the G-suite system and other SAAS application to develop cloud connected tool to simplify & enhance our daily team work. Our team need accurate real time sale digit, daily job assignment tool to assist the room staging team... and many more tool are needed to build.

If you pose at least 1 years experience of this office tool!
We may be a great match to assist our team to expand! Join us!

Can't wait to meet YOU up!

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  • WANT! IT Support to simplify our work