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QA Engineer
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QA Responsible for quality control


クレジットエンジン株式会社のメンバー もっと見る

  • Since before my graduating from UC Berkeley, I have been working on small, interesting user applications of my own -- from feed readers down to input methods on mobile phones -- and have enjoyed this both challenging and rewarding experience from owning and being responsible for entire features. ...

  • 【略歴】
    1.日系損保会社 保険金支払い部署 主任
    2.ITベンチャー アシスタント部門 マネジャー
    3.外資企業 Facility Mgmt部門 シニアアドミン/ファイナンス

    -->Credit Engine バックオフィス業務全般 担当

    Laid back and easy going.
    Love eating, traveling, reading, walking and shopping.

    Started my career with one of the biggest insurance companies in Jap...

  • 向山 裕介(むこうやま ゆうすけ)



  • 国内金融機関において、コーポレートローン、ストラクチャードローン業務を経験し、仙台市に転居。東日本大震災後の中小企業復興支援事業の立ち上げに従事。
    その後、米国UCLA Anderson School of Businessに留学。
    在学時には現地のベンチャー キャピタルでのインターンや、仮想現実(AR)関連技術のスタートアップに参画 。


  • Our service「LENDY」

Credit Engine is an online lending startup founded in November 2018.
We are aiming to reshape the financial system with data and technology.

Our vision is "Data × Tech, Reshape financial system."

To get a loan offline, borrowers need to submit documents, such as financial statements and business plans, to financial institutions. Borrowers have to go through a process of examination including an interview with the financial institution.

Financial institutions evaluate loan applications based on the quality of submitted documents. Big companies that are used to creating documents are advantageous. SMEs are not used to it, so there is a problem that it takes too much time.

Even if SMEs got these documents and had an interview with financial institutions, it takes time again for them to get the loan.
SME financing has many pain points. We want to solve these pain points.

We want to create an environment where SMEs can focus on their main businesses without worrying about financing.

This is the root of our business.
We believe that technology can get rid of those pain.

- Paperless processes by utilizing online data such as POS system or payment service.
- Fast and precise credit examinations by utilizing machine learning technology.

Online lending service enables SMEs to access financing easily and support them to scale up their businesses, which creates considerable economic and social impact.

▶︎Our service
Online lending service for SMEs powered by machine learning technology.

[Credit Engine Platform]
Lending as a Service, technology solution for financial institutions.

[Credit Engine DataHub]
We connect to and retrieve from third party data sources, such as online accounting services, in our underwriting/credit scoring/credit assessment process.

▶︎About our company
Tech Crunch Japan

The Bridge



  • Introduced by Toyo Keizai.
  • Seiichiro Uchiyama, founder and CEO

Seiichiro Uchiyama, founder and CEO of Credit Engine, has experience working in financial institution.
Also participated in financing activities supporting SMEs recover from Tohoku earthquake in year 2011.

He decided to start online lending business since he realized that financing access for SMEs is an issue need to be solved through

"SMEs who can't prepare required documents well enough could not get loans.
SMEs that should have to get the loan cannot get it.
How can We overcome this situation? "

On the other hand, in the United States, There are some startups who provide online financing services that require less documents for solving similar situations.
They have already become one of social infrastructures.

Providing online financing service in Japan, We solve the financing difficulties for Japanese SMEs.


  • SENQ Coworking space
  • Clean office.

Our company is a small but elected unique member.

▶︎Full-stack developer -He has qualifications as a certified public accountant.
▶︎Machine Learning Engineer -He is a dab hand at computer architecture.
▶︎CEO -He has experience in bank loans and business development in SaaS.

CreditEngine is values ​​diversity


We are looking for the first [QA engineer] with a Credit Engine.

We would like you to take the challenge that not only quality control but further more.

The business has now entered a growth phase.
We must increase the speed and quality of development.
We need QA engineers to guide development and operations.

Not just testing and quality control,
Advice on improving the organization and development process, etc.
Challenge your business from a different perspective than development engineers.
We need someone who can hone the business from the perspective of the user, not the development perspective.

The field of domestic online lending is still in its infancy.
Let's create a next-generation financial service with us!

▼Necessary skills and experience
- Create testing policies and strategies.
- QA perspective can be proposed for development.
- You have completed one product experience.
You have failed but have learned.

▼Even better if you have this knowledge.
- Security knowledge of web services.
- You know ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.

▼This type matches
・You want to work on quality improvement from the beginning.
・You are interested in improving the quality of our services.
・You want to make your own ideas.
・You want to promote it make own.
・You want to challenge something new.
・You want to verify improvement with a sense of speed.

▼Development environment
・Programming language : Python 3.8
・WAF : Django 2.2
・DB : PostgreSQL
・Front : Vue.js
・CI/Test : Cypress, CircleCI
・Infra: AWS, Docker, Nginx
・etc : Slack, GitHub, Asana, etc.
・MackBook Pro
・Remote work
・Dual display
・No dress code
・Technical document purchase subsidy system available


  • 2018/11 に設立
  • 30人のメンバー
  • 海外進出している /
    TechCrunchに掲載実績あり /
    1億円以上の資金を調達済み /
    3000万円以上の資金を調達済み /
  • 東京都港区六本木7-15-7 新六本木ビル SENQ六本木704
  • QA Responsible for quality control