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We are hiring Investment Managers!


クラウドクレジット株式会社のメンバー もっと見る

  • Previously Senior Dealer at Lloyds Bank, was in charge of managing USD 3 bn credit portfolio.
    FICC proprietary trader at Daiwa Securities SMBC.

  • Previously Project Coordinator at NGO Nitlapan UCA (Managua, Nicaragua) and NGO Positive PlaNet Japan. Worekd at IT promotion Division of MITSUI & CO., LTD.

  • Experience in financing SME, microfinance, rural, and infrastructure sector in emerging markets. Previously worked at Mitsui & Co., Ltd (Japanese trading house), the World Bank (both in India and Afghanistan) and PwC.


  • Companies we have partnership with
  • The function of our funds

◆Investment for the better world
We're not a bank, not a private equity fund. Instead, we connect borrowers in developing countries with Japanese investors through our online marketplace in a form of crowdfunding.
We create opportunities to utilize investor's asset and make economic development all over the world.

<Examples of our funds> 
・Support a start-up company in Singapore which is active advertising agency in ASEAN
・Promote business providing a system of solar photovoltaic generation for the houses in Africa.
・Assist a Fintech company expanding its business overseas, such as Russia, Kazakhstan.
For further information on our funds, please check our website following this link.

◆New business model, no competitors
On this day, it's not familiar for Japanese to invest in foreign companies. We set up funds after investigation of country risks, growth potentials, profitability, laws and regulations by ourselves and create platform that everyone can get the chance to change the world by one's a small money.Our financial products make not only high investment returns but also social impact that can enhance access to electricity or individual income situations as well.

Recently we were reported in media such as ''Gaia no yoake", Japanese TV program, Forbes,etc. Now, we achieved over 40 thousand users and the total amount of contribution is JPY 25 billion. Also we established subsidiaries in Peru, Estonia, and Mexico. Our business has been expanding day by bay.

◆Aiming at further development in the future
Our main shareholders are famous and reliable, such as ITOCHU, the Dai-ichi Life Insurance, MUFG, SBI, Sony-financial, Yhoo-Japan, Global brain, Femto-Partners and other VCs. Business base is already solid.
We never stop growing. We keep challenging to get more users and find excellent borrowers.
If you join us, you can experience 0→1 and 1→100.


  • One of the borrower in Mexico
  • A new book about the origin of Crowd credit, Ind. was released April, 2009!

Through our business, we provide a platform to connect overseas companies to individual investors in Japan. While overseas companies can expand their businesses by our fund, Japanese investors can also find great opportunities as well to invest in different countries.

◆Potential of global investment

If you look outside of your country, there are so many countries that are experiencing economic growth right this moment. In those countries, significant number of new business opportunities exist and brand new technologies that haven't been found yet are waiting to be released to the world.

Contrary to these potential business opportunities, there is a tendency that financial institutions in developing countries are not as capable of lending money to small company as in Japan or in the other economically developed countries. In other words, there are so many companies with huge potential and they are actively seeking to get financial assistance. On the other hand, the profit of investing in those companies are likely to be more attracting than other traditional financial commodities.

◆Significance of social impact investment

We believe in a significance of social impact investment. Economically profiting business could also make positive impact on many social sectors.

Through our funds we have been contributing to
-improve access to electricity in local area
-create employment
-build environmentally friendly energy infrastructure

We are putting great value on social impact investment and actively working on creating those funds to make positive influence on society.


◆General tasks
-Due Diligence of companies/financial institutions that we might have partnership with for fund creation.
-Building new connections with company/financial institution that seek financial assistance all over the world.
-Maintaining relations with Fund consumers.
-Researching financial/ foreign currency/ tax regulations of countries that we are making funds.
-Developing/ designing new funds
-Monitoring/ managing fund operations after investment.

-3+ years of finance experience including corporate financial analysis
-highly motivated to accomplish our mission
-Word/Excel/PowerPoint skills
-Business English communication

◆Nice-to haves:
Experience of
-Private equity banking
-Due diligence
-Real estate investment
-Non-performing loan investment
-Monitoring after loan agreement
-Trading in market division of financial institution
-Business management consultancy
-Job related to International tax and accounting
-Japanese language skill

Those who are able to speak or willing to learn extra languages, (French, Spanish..) will also be highly appreciated in our team.


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  • We are hiring Investment Managers!