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Tech-savvy self-starters wanted!





We're developing and supporting HiNative, a global Q&A service for language learners, and HiNative Trek, an English tutoring and education service designed for the busy, modern-day professional.

We want to connect the world, increase the amount of cultural knowledge available on the web, and make sure that learning a language isn't too much of a chore.


We do what we do because we think the best way to learn a language is by getting feedback from actual native speakers of the languages you're learning.

Since not everyone is in a position to travel the globe and experience other languages and cultures first hand, we provide people with the next best thing: a friendly global community of native speakers ready to answer your questions


We have people who work in the office and people who work remotely, so we stay connected via Slack, Trello, GitHub, Sqwiggle, and Qiita Team.

We're still a small company, and we're always investing in the latest technology to help us be more focused and efficient.

In the future, we want to be a company that travels the world and interacts with our users as we work.


HiNative Trek is the Lang-8-inspired solution for learning English in a modern world. Students receive daily problems via the HiNative app, and our Trek Teachers provide them with feedback and corrections on their answers. Giving and receiving corrections is completely asynchronous, allowing busy students to utilize the short pockets of free time they have throughout the day to study relevant English content.

The program is growing and with more and more students signing up, we want your help to make sure they’re getting the best possible, bite-size chunks of English education each day! If the following describes you, we would love to have you on the growing Trek Teacher team.

### Requirements. You are:
- A native speaker of English (American)
- Experienced. You have at least 1 year of professional experience in business or teaching that you can utilize to make your feedback as correct and relevant as possible.
- Independent, well-organized, quick to respond to emails, and someone who never misses deadlines
- Available weekdays for at least part of the core Trek correction times from 1pm - 6pm (JST)

### Bonus points. You are also:
- Tech-savvy. You know what Slack and Github are (and have hopefully used them) and are always up-to-date on the latest trends in Tech.
- Located in Japan (preferably Tokyo). Most Trek teachers work remotely, but we love to meet up every once in awhile.

### Details:
- Competitive rates
- Flexible hours
- Work from home!


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