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Inventory Assistant
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JOIN A FAST GROWING TEAM! Looking for Inventory Management ROCK STAR =D


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  • Rebecca Lee

  • Co-Founder - Software Product Lead

What we do

EONIQ is a fashion tech startup founded in Hong Kong. We are the first one globally to bring customized mechanical watches that are designed by users on our website. On top of offering selections for different watch components, we also enable users to upload their own designs and images so they can create truly unique watches.

Why we do

We believe that watches should be more than just brands and status symbols; they should be unique personal statements. All fashion fades, but our stories don’t; our identity and legacy is unique eternally. That’s why our brand is named EONIQ. (eonic. alternative spelling aeonic, means a very, very long time, or simply, timeless)

How we do

Since founded in 2014, EONIQ has won numerous startup awards in Hong Kong and is already serving customers from 20 countries. Combining craftsmanship of traditional watch making, web based technologies and user experience expertise, we bring to the world quality mechanical watches that marry unique users’ designs with timeless quality.

As a new team member

EONIQ is a fashion tech startup, who won numerous startup awards, proudly based in Hong Kong.

Our team is:
1. Passionate, agile, professional
2. Open, honest, free
3. Hoodies, jeans and even flip flops ;) and no nonsense rules

You should be:
- A quick learner / willing to learn
- Enjoy exploring new things
- Excellent math and analytical skills - Good at excel skills will be an advantage
- Good communication and interpersonal skills
- High School Diploma or above

Your roles:
-Maintaining and updating records
-Counting materials, equipment, merchandise, or supplies in stock
-Reporting discrepancies between physical counts and computer records
-Developing or improving upon inventory management procedures
-Stocking and distributing supplies, equipment or merchandise
-Source for new supplies

Most important - Have fun with us. Drink with us ;)

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Company info
  • G02,03 Mill6, The Mills, No, 45 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan, HK
  • JOIN A FAST GROWING TEAM! Looking for Inventory Management ROCK STAR =D