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We want new teammates who love kids!


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  • World Wide Wings Co., Ltd. CEO & Co-Founder。

    大学在学時、SwedenにあるInterntional Business Schoolに1年間留学。

    その後自身の英語習得やインターナショナルスクールでのアルバイト経験をベースに、目黒区にてWorld Wide...

  • アメリカ人の父、日本人の母の下、アメリカで生まれ高校までアメリカで育つ。 小学生時には、夏休み期間中に来日し、日本語保持の為、日本の小学校で日本語を学ぶ。
    卒業後はWorld Wide Wings Co., Ltdに入社し、現在Supervisorとして現場を統括する。

  • アメリカのフロリダで生まれ育ち、大学ではジャーナリズムと写真を専攻。


■ Who We Are

World Wide Wings Co., Ltd., provides an English Education service for 2.5-8.0-year-old Kids, named Wings Kids Family. Wings Kids Family is located near Ikejiri Ohashi St. in Meguro-Ku and is a new type of English school that provides early English education in Japan. These days 8-10 teachers take care of about 40-50 kids every day. Our business model correlates with Japan's social issue that is a lack of public child care services performing as a pre-school, and afterschool program. This structure of our business model increases the amount of children's exposure to English so that they stay in our school for an average of about 50-60 hours a month. The English levels of our students show obvious improvements; especially compared to general English levels in Japan. As of Jan. 2019, more than 140 students are learning English at our school in total. And also, we have started lessons for adults with a similar style as Wings Kids Family, named W-ISH CAFE so you can work for adults if you are interested in it (*this business is temporarily suspended due to the spread of coronavirus infection). You can see our staff's comments from the website link about how they feel working at our school.

Our official HP: https://www.worldwidewings.co.jp/


■ To expand kids' marvelous potential for their future

In the years to come, it will be much more important than nowadays to view things from a global perspective.

Our goal is to create an environment in which our kids can learn English in a way that will prepare them to be active members of a global society and to develop the kind of global-mindedness that will lead them into the future.

■ A Comprehensive Approach to Educational Issues in Japan

Today, there are some social educational issues in Japan: Japan's low level of English proficiency in the global market, and the Isolation of mothers as the nuclear family continues to grow.

Japan's current education system has many problems, not the least of which is English.
It goes without saying that we are committed to English education, but it is also important for us to have a higher perspective and to take a serious look at the educational issues that Japan is facing today.

■ Rewarding Experience for teachers as well

At World Wide Wings, not only the children's visible English proficiency but also their growth as a person turns into a great reward and motivation for you with this job. The daily mixture of relaxed classes and fun activities makes each day something to look forward to for both teachers and students alike, and a lot of teachers actually say that they are learning more from the kids than kids are learning from them. Helping the children widen the view that they see and grow their world will be even something that changes the world you see.


■ Amazing teachers from all over the world

We believe that a teacher has a great impact on children. Therefore, when hiring teachers, we look for a teacher who sympathizes with our vision and who has a personal philosophy on language learning.

We currently have teachers from more than 10 countries, including Malaysia, Germany, and Bangladesh, as well as the US and the UK, regardless of nationality or color. We also have a large number of excellent teachers with academic backgrounds such as graduates from the University of London and New York University, former lawyers, former government officials, and former employees of major financial institutions, etc.

■ Amusement Oriented Environment

Children are most motivated when they are "having fun". Teachers must always be the best entertainers they can be to create a fun environment for them. We have added a "Be Silly" section to our personnel evaluation process and are committed to keeping our school children interested and entertained.

This kind of attitude is not only for the children but also for our teachers. Even though we come from a variety of backgrounds, we are able to frankly exchange ideas with each other across any boundaries.


■ Job Description:

We are going to hire a few English speakers starting as assistant teachers. In the first few months, you will learn how to teach and then will move up to working as a main tutor. You will be working with children aged 2.5-8 years in groups( 1 teacher for 5 kids). The morning class is for younger kids and serves as a preschool/kindergarten, then in the afternoon, the school serves as an after-school program for older children. During your training you will learn about the structure of our school, however, we are also excited to discuss your ideas, skills, experiences, and methods regarding second language learning.

■ Qualifications:

University currently enrolled/undergraduates/graduates of any discipline with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, who have native-level English competence, are qualified to apply. Applicants should be outgoing, creative, energetic, and interested in working with children. Working abroad also requires a person to be open to a new way of life, willing to learn, and able to take on challenges. No previous experience is required as training occurs on the job.

■ Duties and Responsibilities:

As the main tutor, you will be responsible for classroom management, planning and delivering lessons, basic administration, teaching with aids such as flashcards and PowerPoint, and individual reading lessons. You will be working alongside bilingual Japanese teachers who will also help to lead the class.

■ Flexibility on your shifts:

Firstly all our staff submit their available days every month in advance as well as how many days they would like to work as max. Managers fix their shifts according to their requests thus you can always work as you wish.

■ Welfare:

Here you will have the experience of working in a very comfortable atmosphere. Iced tea, coffee, and light snacks are take-free for teachers, and they accompany a fun conversation.


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    We want new teammates who love kids!