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Work with passionate colleague in 大阪!


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We want to change the world's e-commerce through technology.
Our goal is to continue to create a community where people and businesses grow together with our team.

We want fcafe to be a place where "people and businesses are growing".
In order to build an excellent organization, it is important to "provide a community" for the members.

We will create a system in which each member can make use of fcafe's resources, including expertise, network of connections, capital, and information. The reason why we aim for this type of organization is first of all to make it a group that can run its business on its own initiative.
To create a group of strong and talented players as individuals and form a large vector of organizational power.
We believe that this is the fastest way for a company to grow.

In addition, by having members who are motivated to self-realization and actively promote and develop various businesses, we can prevent the company from becoming stuck in a rut, and at the same time, we can continue to be excited as individuals.

In other words, "providing a community" leads to individual growth and healthy growth for the company.
As a result, we believe we can continue to add new value to society.
For further growth in the future, we would like to work with someone who has a dream and a idea "Anything is possible! There's nothing I can't do!”.
Believe that you can make that dream you have now come true.
You can only make it happen if you believe you can.
If there's someone you want to meet, it starts with believing, "I can meet them.
If there's a place you want to go, it starts with believing, "I can go there.
The only thing left to do is to take action. And never give up.
Your dream will come true.

Shuhei Egami, CEO of fcafe, inc.


[Our Vision]
The vision of fcafe is below.
“We are shopping scientists.
We create what will be sold tomorrow.
We share happiness with people all around the world.”

The vision created by the founding members in October 2005 has spread to all members.
・We want to connect with people all around the world and smile at each other.
・We want to accelerate and maximize the potential of distribution through technology.
・We want to provide reproducible services by approaching distribution from a scientific perspective.
・We want to share our "wisdom" with our partners
・We want to create a philosophy that everyone who connect with fcafe can sympathize with.
・We want to be remembered by all.
・We want to have the great trust of our partners.

At the same time, each of us has our own personal vision tied to fcafe’s vision, and by sharing it with each other, we inspire one another every day to move forward.

As a first step to achieve this vision, we established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China in 2010. Today, we have received the highest score from Alibaba as a partner in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

[Corporate Catch]
The corporate catchphrase of F-Cafe is "E-COMMERCE NAVIGATOR".
“We want to be a trustworthy partner that continues to run together with our clients.”
To keep this in mind, we have introduced the world of rally (automotive competition) in our company.
Even if the sun is scorching hot,
Even if it is a slippery road with snowy roads,
Even if there is a headwind,
The driver of the rally car is our clients, and we are in the front seat of the car as the navigator who has taken on the role of the compass.

And we want to work together with our clients to achieve the goal of a new e-commerce world.
This corporate catch represents our desire to continue to be such a presence.


[Full Support for E-commerce Site Operations]
As a pioneer in e-commerce operation support services, we have been providing e-commerce site management and consulting services for more than 15 years in Japan and China.
We offer a one-stop service for manufacturers and major retailers, providing the services necessary for site operation and total proposals to increase sales.
We have built and operated more than 300 sites to date.

Currently, we focus on our quantitative and qualitative data analysis department, including persona design, user testing, and sales and access analysis. By clarifying site issues and targets derived from these analyses, we provide services aimed at medium- and long-term customer development and sales improvement.

By "science" of "shopping", we have accumulated the technology of "selling" with reproducibility, and we are currently providing clients to our partners in Japan and China.
We are serving our clients in Japan and China. We would like to provide this "selling" skill and expertise to ASEAN and the rest of the world.

[Thinking and Acting by Yourself]
We believe that a "tough and loving team" is what makes a company grow and stay united.
We are totally uncompromising in our commitment to new members so that they can grow.
We actively create lots of opportunities for input and output to help them think and act on their own.
We create an environment where people can think and take action all the time through "Asakatsu" where volunteers work together to develop their speaking skills, "Morning Meeting" where everyone can share their insights, "Random Lunch" where we communicate with members who are not usually involved in work, and "Training Camp" where we think thoroughly with our colleagues in a limited time, forgetting about sleep and eat.
The members who have grown up in this way are now working on new projects and businesses.


We are a small group of skillful individuals with discretionary authority to move projects forward.
We are looking for a Web Director to join our team.
[Job Title]
Director of e-commerce site construction management and consulting services

[Job Description (Summary)]
As a "professional in all aspects of building and managing e-commerce site" you will build e-commerce sites and propose a system to sell.
Negotiation with partners (we call our clients as "partners")
Web concept design
Product marketing
Web analysis and improvement suggestions
Creation of an email newsletter
Web advertising and planning
Management of tasks, progress and menbers as web director

After entering the company, you will be required to obtain two certifications within six months under the guidance of senior staff
Web Analyst

《Required skills and work experience》.
1. Experience in operating a website or e-commerce site.
2. A strong desire to archive.
- If you have a strong desire, no experience in operating the site is required.

Our members have acquired their skills from inexperience with a strong desire.

[The Ideal Candidate]
Always cheerful and with a nice smile.
Positive thinking.
Highly ambitious and humble.
Like to work in a team to accomplish something, rather than as an individual.
Good communication skills.
Responsible for getting the job done.
We're looking for passionate people who are serious about working together to make our vision a reality.
We are proud to be a company that is second to none in team strength.
We bet you'll feel work is so much fun!
We look forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about us, please click the link below.


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  • Work with passionate colleague in 大阪!