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Digital Marketing Manager
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Wantedly又要人啦!今次要個Digital Marketing Manager呀!

Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)

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  • Hello! I'm the Country Lead for Wantedly HK. I'm here to bring Wantedly's vision to Hong Kong: creating a world where work drives passion.

    Over my career, I've been fortunate in working at organizations with a clear purpose that I resonate with. I feel this has made a world of difference in...

  • This is Daniel Ng from Hong Kong trying to live his life while not losing "bits" of his own.

  • Here is Fate come from Hong Kong. I am a local HK multimedia designer. Share your ideas with me if you love my works! http://fatelostudio.com

What we do

  • Akiko Naka, CEO and Founder of Wantedly

Wantedly is a Tokyo-listed company founded in 2010, with the mission to create a world where work meets passion. We do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits. We currently have over 30,000 companies onboard and 1.2-mil monthly active users in Japan, and recently launched in Singapore and now we are in Hong Kong!

成立於2010年,Wantedly是一家總部設於東京的初創企業 。我們的願景為「創造出讓熱誠和辦公室重新相遇的世界」。為了達成以上的目標,我們捨棄以利益關係為公司和僱員進行配對的傳統,取而代之以才能以及公司的興趣和理想將他們連繫起來。在日本,我們有超過30000間公司使用Wantedly,並有120萬個每月活躍用戶。最近我們將服務拓展至新加坡,現在更進駐香港!

Why we do

We believe in a world, where people take pride and joy in their work. How many people around you truly feel fulfilled by their job? How can we make more people happy through their jobs?
A person's job is what takes up the majority of their day. So we want everyone to be excited about work, and about the team you work with - rather than what you get in return.


How we do

Our company is expanding in different cities and our team is expanding every day, but every single one is a highly skilled and talented player. All of us experienced working at mega size companies and believe in solving the problems we saw there.
In terms of team culture, we are engineer/designer centralized. We aim to be a team where every member can take an active part in building our products. We believe everyone in the team matters in helping us to build a world where work meets passion.


As a new team member


✨ 首先,你需要做啲咩(呢啲就一定要做㗎啦) ✨
— B2C marketing strategy (e.g. user acquisition, brands/social channels/platform growth planning etc.)
— 落唔同類型嘅ad (例如:Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn)
— 識得玩Analytics (仲要度report、搵問題、諗solution等等)
— EDM (會有人幫你手做嘅,你負責睇住條數同諗吓點optimize啦)
- 寫字 (中英文、訪問、長/短文、social media copy等等……)
- 拍/剪片 (條team會做大邊,你負責做細邊㗎咋~)

✨ 最好你仲會有咩經驗呢? ✨
- SEO同content marketing 🤓
- Platform growth同product management 📸
- 有grow social media channels 🎨
— Content production(文、片、圖,全部都殺)🖊️

✨ 跟手,我哋想要個咩人呢?✨
- 本身已經係個full-stack Digital Marketer😁
- 英文好就最好啦~(但又唔使話要勁到識飛嘅)🔤
- Adobe點都要識啲㗎啦(最起碼有Premiere啦~其他你想學就有人會教㗎啦~)💻
- 有創意啦(如果你個人諗嘢跳跳哋,要交橋又有貨交,要execute又做到嘢就fit啦~)🤯
- 自動波(呢度唔係收order先做嘢㗎,如果你係要踢一腳先郁一郁嗰啲,咁就應該唔啱你啦……)🤖

✨ 到Wantedly sell吓自己先~✨
- 如果你真係想幫到人(最起碼幫到多啲人搵到份鍾意嘅工,一定係呢度㗎啦~)🤝
- 想學咩就學到咩(只要你up得出,我哋就有人教;如果大家都唔識,咁咪一齊學囉~)💭
- 最緊要做到嘢(如果你有睇開我哋Instagram都知咩事啦~)🐶
- 零hierarchy(咩年代呀,仲「老闆」前「老闆」後咩……)🤡

💥 個JD咁長你都睇到呢度嘅話,記得執好自己個Wantedly Profile、掉埋個portfolio上嚟,如無意外點都有interview先,咪當上嚟同小編吹吓水囉~💥

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Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)
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  • Wantedly又要人啦!今次要個Digital Marketing Manager呀!
    Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)