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Triple 2 Studio is seeking a meticulous Room Attendant to help keep us SG Clean!

Triple 2 Studio

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  • As the Chairman of Triple 2 Studio, I founded the business back in 2013 and oversee the daily business operations and make decisions to optimise and expand the company.

What we do

A homegrown SME, we are a team running boutique serviced apartments, located at the heart of Singapore. We host accommodation for ex-pat relocation, corporate and training trips, inbound medical visits, other short to mid-term stay and more.

We cherish building relationships with all our clients and believe the biggest validation for us is our long-term partners who choose to work with us repeatedly because they highly rate our product, service and value.

Why we do

Triple 2 Studio was founded with a simple purpose - to offer real value to our humble end users that they cannot get from the big brands.

We aim to provide genuine and dedicated service, comfortable space and living, and true value for money.

When you join Triple 2 Studio, you have a chance to be part of our mission to leave a lasting impression on our visitors!

How we do

We don't have a big team, we don't have luxury furniture brands nor do we commission international interior designers. But we developed our property and brand from scratch with our heart and soul, lots of sweat and some tears too.

We have come some way to achieving this, and we are excited to be opening our 2nd property in 2020.

As a small and close-knit team, we celebrate the wins and weather the storms together. Everyone is there to lift each other up and cover for one another when needed!

The owners treat each member like family and celebrate special occasions with dinner outings, and there is respect all throughout.

As a new team member

As we receive more local guests who typically stay with us for over a month, we need to maintain a top-notch level of cleanliness and service standards as we return to the new normal with greater hygiene standards.

Our small but dedicated operations team takes care of:
- General area cleaning
- Tidying up rooms; Making beds and changing linens
- Cleaning and sanitising toilets, showers/bathtubs, countertops, and sinks
- Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchenette area
- Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, and mopping hard floors
- Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading laundry
- Washing and ironing linen and towel items
- Keeping bathrooms stocked with clean linens, toiletries, and other supplies
- Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
- Emptying trash and disposing of waste
- Monitoring cleaning supplies and ordering more as needed
- Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements
- Other ad-hoc items as the need arises

The goal is to provide a safe, welcoming and comfortable temporary home for our guests, and our housekeeping working hours are Mondays to Fridays only.

We are looking for someone who is meticulous, respectful and reliable. Experience is welcome but not required and we will provide the adequate training. Safety is of utmost priority and we have TraceTogether SafeEntry in place together with regular ART kit self-testing system in place.

If you are ready to join our humble work family, click "I'm Interested!"

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