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Engineers for Relux WANTED

株式会社Loco Partners(Relux)

株式会社Loco Partners(Relux)のメンバー もっと見る

  • Founder and CEO of Loco Partners.

  • 1969年生まれ。新卒で三菱製紙株式会社に入社。2000年にInfoseek(現Rakuten)へ転職以降、一環してWebサービスのエンジニアとして従事し、2001年から開発部副部長も兼任。2006年にMicrosoftに入社。約8年間、プログラムマネージャーとして国内外のマーケット全般を担当。その後アーキテクトとして損保ジャパン日本興亜、EPARKの再構築プロジェクトを経て2018年にCTOとして株式会社Loco Partnersにジョイン。


  • Relux website
  • Relux App

Instead of choosing from an infinite amount of options, choose from a handpicked collection of options.

Loco Partners Inc. started Relux (https://rlx.jp) with a goal to make society more inter connected.
Relux is a membership based, online booking service for handpicked ryokans and hotels. The accommodations are strictly selected by experts who spend over 200 nights a year in ryokans and hotels all over Japan. We therefore are able to provide the accommodations of the highest satisfaction.

Along with the official Relux website, Relux could be accessed through the iOS/Android apps. It's simple and user friendly.

▼Relux app





  • ▲Relux gift
  • ▲Relux Concierge

When it comes to travelling, we wish that all guests discover the experience that the best ryokans and hotels have to offer and have a satisfactory vacation.

Our service is intended to provide the best experience of the entire trip, from planning to checkout. We work to make every reservation an unforgettable memory for our guests.


  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly briefing sessions/parties are held to congratulate the hard work
  • Company retreats are held for a better understanding between departments and team members

■ Company atmosphere
A flat corporate structure with no discrimination against age or job title. Our motto is to think of reasons to say yes not reasons to say no. Employees have backgrounds in the travel industry, big media companies, finance etc. Although it is a laid back atmosphere, everyone takes responsibility in their work. We constantly get funding and look for talent that could improve the company as a whole.

▼Relux gets a 50 million yen funding from KDDI./April 18, 2016

▼Former Mixi president becomes Loco Partners' nonexecutive director./March 20, 2016

▼Loco Partners hires former Mixi CTO Matsuoka Tsuyoshi as technology advisor./June 24, 2016

The theme of the new office (moved in September 20, 2016) is "Village+". Starting from the meeting rooms that were inspired by traditional Japanese houses, the addition of the cafe space and standing work table made the office worker friendlier.
You could choose from dual monitor or triple monitor, whatever fits best with you and your Macbook/iMac.


The responsibilities of this job are mainly developing and managing the services of Relux working with domestic and overseas partners.

・Development experience using PHP(Other languages are also ok)
・Development experience using Framework
・Knowledge on database modelling/SQL
・Knowledge on Linux

【Desirable conditions】
・Development experience on the client side using JavaScript
・Development expereince using CakePHP
・Experience in infra modelling and managing using AWS
・Exeprience in system alliance with an overseas partner
・Basic level Japanese (Chinese, Korean speakers are also welcome!)

【Desired character traits】
・One who thinks of the users' value and implements technology accordingly.
・A team player
・One who adapts to and enjoys trying out new technology.
・A person who could notice problems and provide solutions in fields not limited to engineering.


Loco史上初の新卒研修 「LA Freshers」!2週間で垂直成長するための研修内容とは?
アナウンサーに2度挫折した僕が、キーエンス、リクルート、グロービスを経てLoco Partners 営業部で九州リーダーをやっているわけ
株式会社Loco Partners(Relux)
  • 2011/09 に設立
  • 170人のメンバー
  • 3000万円以上の資金を調達済み /
    TechCrunchに掲載実績あり /
    1億円以上の資金を調達済み /
  • 2-14-1 Highashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo-do Comodio Shiodome 4F
  • Engineers for Relux WANTED
    株式会社Loco Partners(Relux)