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Product Manager

AI platform will bloom the future.



  • Got some interesting challenges? Need to get a development team up and running?

    My tool set currently comprises of python with numpy, pandas, django, and GEOS/GDAL/PROJ4. My main work machine is windows7, but I have a number of servers I work with to run the big calculations, installed with ubun...

  • 1988年生まれ。愛知県名古屋市出身。コンピュータが世界を変えると確信し、小学5年生からプログラミングをスタート。高校で、コンピュータグラフィックスを専攻。文部科学大臣賞を受賞。大学では、3次元コンピュータグラフィックス関連の研究、商店街活性化プロジェクト、イベント企画などを経験。研究内容を複数の国際会議で発表。2011年、株式会社響取締役CIOに就任。Webサービス開発・SMM戦略立案を担当。その後、株式会社リッチメディアの坂本幸蔵社長から誘いを受け同社に入社。6ヶ月で最速最年少事業本部マネージャーに昇格。四半期で数億円の事業開発を経験。2012年4月に同社を退社し、同年9月に起業。

  • いろいろやってる。

  • Graduated from Framingham State University, Magna Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Computer Science. Ran an ecommerce company for nine years before becoming an engineer. Passionate about technology and always learning new skills. Love to build things and solve problems, and am proud to be working in ...


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"Innovation that changes the world"

"ABEJA, Inc.” is a diverse company comprised of members from six different countries, working together to create the solutions to the problems of today using IoT, Big Data, and AI.

We are the market leader in Artificial Intelligence technology in Asia. We are founded in 2012 and we have been invested by, NTT docomo and some other VC's.

We are an expanding global company, with clients in Japan and overseas facing numerous challenges being addressed using Abeja's Deep Learning platforms. Our technology, which is using "Deep Learning” methodology, provides collect, analytics, automation, predictive simulation, visualization on the cloud.
Our product “ABEJA Platform” is being used by many companies in the industry.

To grow with the rising demand for our services, we need your help!

We're looking for new members from around the world to join us and assist in achieving ABEJA's vision!
If you are interested in contributing to an exciting technological ecosystem, we are waiting to hear from you!

Firms vie for lead as connected Japan becomes reality

New start-up wave challenges Japan's aversion to risk


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We are looking for talented developers who want to work in Japan.
ABEJA is a global team with members from Asia, Europe and North America, including the United States and India.
We will gladly sponsor your visa and help with the relocation and we have already helped a few members from the USA relocate in Japan.
Lend us your skills, expertise and passion to build an IoT Big Data platform and bring about the Fourth Industrial Revolution together from Japan!
Please by all means apply if you are interested even a little.
If you are interested, please feel free to ask questions. Office visits are always welcome.
Let's work together in Japan!


We are looking for a product Manager responsible for the SaaS Platform 「ABEJA Platform for Retail」which is specialized the retail and logistic industry which is based on the PaaS「ABEJA Platform」with Deep Learning technology.

・Product Owner for the “ABEJA Platform for Retail” front-end development.
 - Product strategy proposal
 - Decide on product specifications and functions priority
・Design of “ABEJA Platform for Retail” new project

■ Interest in Position
・Input idea by oneself into the newest technology AI product
・Handling of development of latest serverless architecture and gamification UX

■Required experience and skills
 -More than 5 years of coding/programming/development experience(Language not specified)
 -Team management
 -New product development
 -Scrum development
 -Front-end/Server side development

■Personal skills
・Engineering Background
・Understand Business Requirements and apply them to a design
・Interest in catching up to new technology
・Flexible communication and negotiation skills with team, client and management.
・Make quick decisions and make explanation logically


探している人 Product Manager
採用形態 中途採用
募集の特徴 言語を活かした仕事 / Skypeで話を聞ける
創業者 Yousuke Okada
設立年月 2012年9月
社員数 48 人
関連業界 流通・小売 / 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 情報通信(基盤/SI/パッケージ)






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