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Masakazu Otsuki

I design everything to be related with LIFE. Especially, Fashion & Beauty branding. Luxury Advertising. Experience Design. Corporate Identity. Positioning / Brand Strategy. I design these sophisticating. Human Science and Human Behavior are also in my field. Identity is solid but should be changing for fitting to the new age. The Eternity, Sensibility and Sustainability of an Asian roots come from Our mother of Nature and Japanese Aesthetics are the keyword when I design. After graduated the university in Japan, I went to abroad to NY, attended to studying Design at School of visual arts in NY. Time period is for January 2005 to september 2007. Class experience : Open Heart design with David Carson as know as designing RAYGUN magazine and a surfer. : Brand Strategy as intermediate : Typography as intermediate : Color theory as intermediate etc. returned to Japan, I am deeply thinking about My Identity what JAPANESE is. Because of being born and raising up in KYOTO Negative spacing as MA and WABI, expresses a way of being quietly clear and calm. Relation with every object as SABI, means having well seasoned, refined simplicity. WABI and SABI are the highest aesthetic values aimed at by traditional Japanese arts, particularly the tea ceremony and haiku. Creative Always feels by my five senses as though breathing with MY PASSION and SOUL.

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