First posted, first step, a new great journey has begun.

An outstanding talent must not only have professional skills, but also must go through several distinct experiences and careers. Worked in several completely different types of companies to polish their skills and personality, even more to learn and get the knowledge from different industry.

As like myself, starting with information management and stepping into the game industry, I also joined in electronics manufacturing, automation engineering, and finally logistics operations and allocation.This unique life experience has made me a diversified talent with flexible and creativity ideas, excellent eloquence, full of energy, positive conception and responsibility.

I also was a president of student group when I was studying in San Francisco bay area, I acquired skills of build up social network, business negotiation, student operation team build up and also event planning, hosting and executing. Since my extroverted, energetic, and affinity personal traits make me good and fit-in into these positions, cooperated with excellent teams, then leading to superior result.

However, career is still not enough just these but constant learning and progress, I am still learning and preparing to create more. I had proved that I am capable, quick learner, and adaptable in this fast & challenging industry. I am ready for a new start, ready for creative value and change the game.