Breaking Ice

Forming a career journey with a renowned institution has always been my vision. My academic background as an Economics and Finance postgraduate from the University of Western Australia has helped me form a mental framework and instilled strong fundamentals to contribute to the financial services industry. Work experiences with Allianz Reinsurance Asia Pacific (ARAP) and Savills (Singapore) Pte Ltd fostered my growth as an individual and strengthened my belief in the importance of workplace culture.

Currently, I am with ARAP attached in the (P&C) Client Management team. I am also fortunate in providing additional support to underwriters. These roles broadened my industry perspective and knowledge. For example, I have gained insights of the 1/4 renewal process such as; negotiations with brokers, technical pricing of treaty programmes and quotations. Working closely with a Client Manager peaked my interest in the reinsurance industry. I feel a strong sense of pride and attachment to ARAP mainly due to the company’s culture and workplace ethics. In my view, workplace environment is crucial to allow employees to grow and excel. Allianz SE strong focus on inclusive meritocracy and rewarding long-term employees are company values that I will cherish.

During my time as an international student, I immersed myself in co-curricular activities widening my network of peers. Embracing diversity by working together with students of various backgrounds has strengthened my interpersonal skills as a team player. I joined the Financial Association of Western Australia to keep relevant with the fast-paced world of financial services. Here is where I honed my skills in excel financial modelling to have an edge and better understand cash flow models. Realising the impact of technology as a disruptor, I completed a course covering the basics of Python. Asides from co-curricular activities, volunteering as a student mentor and a business school ambassador was part of my daily routine as well.

Previous internship in a fintech start-up (KapitalBoost Pte Ltd) gave me a peek of the technology frontier and its place in the industry. Having to analyse SME viability daily allowed me to be familiarised and proficient in reading financial statements. Data management and investor relations were a daily buzz in the company. Interning in the Capital Markets department at Savills taught me the importance of client management and writing up industry reports. Lastly, I was a lead intelligence specialist during my National Service. This experience has built my interpersonal communication skills when dealing with National Serviceman of various backgrounds. I always sought to strengthen relationships with colleagues to enhance workplace value in all my previous and current work experiences.

I believe that as a highly versatile and goal-oriented individual, I would be able to complete tasks at hand while remaining calm under pressure. This allows me to deal with adversities during periods of uncertainty, keeping me focused as an individual. With this, I hold a strong stance in maintaining the importance of mental well-being as it leads to increased productivity.

Thank you!

Sincerly, Hafidz