My education lies in Law and I have been working at a law firm since August 2016. I believe that the skills I have developed whilst working in the industry overlap heavily with that of Business Development. As a lawyer, being meticulous in my drafting of court documents and legal opinions allow me to communicate in a more understandable and succinct manner. Having engaged in legal work at university and internships with various firms, I have acquired effective research skills in a fast-paced work environment and a strong work ethic. Further, being attached to multiple cases has honed my ability to compartmentalise my time and my tasks.

Furthermore, being on the executive committee of the Law Rugby Team and Singapore Society at university set the foundation for effective time management and leadership. In addition, during my studies, I am constantly engaged in discussion and working together with the international community of academics and students allowing me to adapt quickly and work comfortably with people from different cultural backgrounds.

I recognize the importance of reading trends from data and am currently teaching myself Machine Learning and Data Analytics. I am confident in my analytical skills and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. I wish to learn how to develop business relations and to create strategies for their growth.

2 いいね!
2 いいね!