A brief self-intro

Hello. This is Ziyan Ning. I am currently an exchange student in Aoyama Gakuin University. My home university is Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. My major is international business(concentrating International Markleting and Trade), minoring Japanese. I am currently looking for an internship, trying to gain working experience in Japan. I am originally from China, and have been studying Japanese for 3 years(currently preparing for upcoming N1 test). I recognize that I have sense of humor and am a fairly outgoing person. I like talking to people from various counries and from all industries. I was a semi-professional basketball player for more than 6 years. To realize the value of my life, I quit basketball team and my Chinese univeristy, self-taught English then went to Canada to study abroad. The world is big and life is hard, I want to keep exploring the world while challenging myself all the time until I die.