Thank you for reviewing my profile. I am aware that my resume may be slightly unconventional, so I would request you to please review my full detailed CV with all my career achievements in growing businesses, successfully delivering solutions.

I am looking for a long-term career opportunity after a corporate/self-employed break. I would like to begin again with renewed energy and bring all my passion to work, make meaningful contributions, be a long term asset to your company. It was a fascinating break where I travelled in South East Asia, to India, to Europe, to United States, a self-discovery journey. I wrote poems, understood philosophy, open-mindedly explored different cultures, spiritually resolved conflicts in my mind about the meaning of life and conspiracy of the universe. Now at peace, I am looking for a right fit opportunity and live the rest of my life with meaningful contributions at work as one key pillar.

I thrive in roles that involve customer engagement, cross-functional collaboration, problem solving, implementation of new solutions and maintaining relationships by delivering continuous value. I enjoy helping organizations achieve their business outcomes in all ways. I bring to your team and company diverse experience across industries - commercial payments, corporate travel, technology advisory, consumer goods and IT services. I am open-minded, extremely motivated to learn, deliver and grow.

I look forward to your ideas, suggestions and opportunities to make my contributions.

Cheers, Shyam

2 いいね!
2 いいね!