Nội thất Geva

Introduce Geva!

Established in 2019, with the goal of bringing Vietnamese products to Vietnamese people, Geva's interior has the lofty responsibility to associate Vietnamese businesses with the Vietnamese community.

With cheap furniture such as wholesale prices, Geva has a huge number of customers with high credibility.

Geva specializes in providing the main items such as office furniture: office sofa, office chair, desk, safe,… family furniture including sofa, wardrobe, tea table, dressing table and School furniture.

Prospects are middle-income people, businesses who often go to Geva and never be disappointed.

Cheap price does not mean the goods are not good. Geva's secrets bring good products but extremely bargain prices because Geva has a direct factory, giving customers not only a rich shopping experience, but also helps you to update the hottest interior models.

We create furniture to bring the best value to users, based on the practical difficulties that customers encounter. Coming to Geva is coming to the paradise of the interior!

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Address: 58c Trung Kinh - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội

website: https://geva.vn

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1 いいね!