ALOHA from Nagoya, JPN :)

Aloha :) I'm Nanaka Kuno, 25yrs old, animal & earth lover!

Currently, I am actively opened to challenging positions, where I can contribute to the well-being of the world. My previous job opportunity (my DREAM JOB) was turned down due to the COVID-19 crisis....
This pandemic enabled, or forced, me to see the terrible condition that our Mother Earth is in. Pollution, deforestation, destruction of ecosystem, the list goes on. The negative impacts we human being caused are starting to bounce back, like this corona pandemic and experts predict there are more to come.

As a member on this beautiful planet, I realized that I needed to make a change. My new lifestyle has less environmental footprints, and more vegetables :) More activities on social media to spread the knowledge of what's to come and what we can do as an individual to make a change.

If I am given the opportunity to reach much greater numbers of audience, I will devote myself for the cause. Dedicate all my skills and more to spread the message either directly or indirectly. My passion is true and powerful.

Therefore I am looking forward to support a company from within, that is making a difference in sustaining the Earth. I am confident to say that my dedication, resilience and enthusiasm will bring a new positive flow to your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please conact me at kuno.nanaka808@gmail.com if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you soon! Have a beautiful day:)

Nanaka Kuno