Guidance is usually provided by powerful laser pointer designation

Guidance is usually provided by powerful laser pointer designation, or, in some configurations, via GPS coordinates.For example the CLWS (Compact Laser Weapon System) is a laser weapon light enough to mount on helicopters or hummers and can destroy small UAVs up to 2,000 meters away while it can disable or destroy the sensors.The plane isn't a high-tech laser, but it doesn't need to be.Radar and communication frequencies, and laser-target designations, as well as assistance for fighter jets.The high energy laser market is gradually being recognized as the weapon for the future.The Laser Directed Energy Weapon Capability Demonstrator project will be awarding a contract worth between 20 and 100 million pounds.The Army is going to fund laser weapon development in the next decade.This fiscal year, the U.S. Marine Corps wants to test an anti-drone green laser pointer on a truck.Laser weapons will protect armored vehicles on-the-move and forward operating bases.It is now working on upgrading the power of the laser from two kilowatts of power to five kilowatts.The US Army is planning to deploy laser weapons able to protect Forward Operating Bases (FOB) by rapidly incinerating and destroying approaching enemy drones.The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is set to demonstrate laser weapons designed for fighter jets as soon as 2020.Fiber-optic lasers are revolutionizing directed energy systems.The use of laser designators has become more popular as the use of laser-directed weapons increased.The micro system can be put on a large number of UAS's and that will result in very accurate hits of the blue laser pointer weapons.The Navy recently deployed a prototype 30-kilowatt laser on the USS Ponce.The Pentagon tried to do this with the Airborne Laser project last decade, an expensive project in which a laser on an aircraft ultimately shot down a missile.In addition to lasers on drones, the Army is eying lasers on the ground to shoot down missiles.The company has also been self-funding laser development work and Lockheed is working on a 60-kilowatt laser for the Army.There are only a few weapons in the world that can do all of that, and they're mostly lasers.The company's products include integrated intrusion detection and smart fencing solutions, comprising laser walls and surveillance drones.The US Army is looking into all sorts of ways to blast green laser sight out of the sky. Including-get this-with a frickin' laser beam.The Army and Boeing first tested a prototype of the laser-armed heavy truck against mortar rounds and small drones.An external pod that uses infrared imaging and laser range-finding to guide bombs to targets.The laser system produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, of Haifa, Israel, has proven capable of destroying short-range rockets.

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