My profile


I have experienced various positions and roles in my career, from Project Leader of a prime contractor (including original services) to an employee of a subcontractor stationed at a customer site, etc. Considering each position and role in the team, I have thought and executed how to improve the performance of the team within my role.

In addition, since I have experience from requirements definition to design, implementation, testing, and implementation, I am able to quickly feedback on issues that become a risk in the back-end, front-end process to avoid major problems.

Specialized fields

  • Object-oriented design and development design pattern (GoF), UML design (Recently, I use "PlantUML" to modeling tools)
    Mainly use Java as the development language
  • Java application development more than 10 years of experience in J2SE 1.4 to Java SE11 (including Amazon Corret11)
    3+ years of experience in server-side Java (Struts 1.x, 2.0, Spring Boot) development
    Experience developing modules for AWS Lambda and Lambda Layers
    Experienced in developing Swing application (password management application, not disclosed)
    Experience in Android application development and business (Java SE6 equivalent)
  • Android application development more than 2 years in total (including the freelance period)
    Since Jan 2011, more than 7 years of experience
  • Team ManagementMore than 8 years of experience in PL/PM
    Experience in all aspects of process management, cost management, customer negotiation, proposal, negotiation, team coordination, interviewer, etc.
    Management experience in Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) development methods
    I believe that the most important thing is to have an environment where all team members can speak frankly and openly (mainly for the reasons of information gathering and sharing and motivating team members), so I manage my team with "Servant-Leadership".