Some chronic problems of the current BlockChain, Smart Contract system

Below are some problems and characteristics of this distribution system that need to be attended to when you want to develop a đApp:

-Unchangeability: Once Blockchain and Smart Contract are used, there would be no ownership. As a result, nobody is allowed to modify or fix it even if there is a design bug. This requires engineers to think and put many factors and possible situations into consideration when designing an application.

-Out of date: Due to the continuous creation of more advanced platforms and dApps, the competition seems to be in the favor of later generations since they are far superior and can solve problems that the previous ones cannot (This is also why investors tend to go for later dApp).

-Scalability: Platforms or dApps often have to create Crypto Currency or token to pay the communities that make the transactions. However, when the price of Crypto currency increases, the transaction costs would also rise. The increase in size of the Blockchain would also slow down transactions and increase the transaction costs.

-Platform dependency: When a dApp is activated on a platform, it cannot be ported to another one. That means a dApp cannot be used on a more advanced platform than the current one regardless of how good it is. This characteristic, in combination with the mentioned “Out of date” one, would decrease the competitiveness over time. Consequently, you lose your communities gradually. Or you have to release a new token, which will cause risks and seperation in the community.

Compared to long history of the traditional servers and data centers, Blockchain and Smart contract have only come to existence for a short period of time. Therefore, there are still many problems that need to be resolved. That is also a chance for every ones.



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2 いいね!