Re-introducing prawn-graph - it's back! Simple graphing for PDF and Ruby

Over 6 years ago, I released a Ruby gem which extended the prawn PDF library to allow it to draw some graphs / charts natively without the need to fill up your PDF document with huge blobs of image data.

Over time, I let the project grow a little abandoned. It became incompatible with newer versions of prawn and had some pretty annoying bugs in it.

In the past month, a brand new version of prawn-graph has been released. It's not backwards-compatible with the old version, but also introduces a totally new renderer which is a work in progress, but is already way better.

The license has also changed from LGPL to MIT, which I hope will make it easier for people to use prawn-graph in their own projects.

For more details please check out the website, try it out, and report any bugs that you find on GitHub.

1 いいね!
1 いいね!