A snippet of my life before Japan

There was a time in my life when I was passionate about the health care industry. My interest in the business aspect of the industry started when I worked for a health maintenance organization a few months after graduating from college with a degree in physical therapy. I would have to admit that at first, I wanted and was inclined to apply only for clinical jobs, but when that did not work out, I then started to look for jobs that are still healthcare related. Working in the HMO, and later on, in a medical publications company, helped me improve on my communication, organizational, and computer application skills. However, the major contributing factor to my interest in health care management is the entire five years of working for one of the leading tertiary hospitals in the Philippines. The exposure to various aspects of hospital operations, which I got from working as executive assistant to top executives of a pioneering tertiary hospital, has influenced my decision to pursue (albeit unable to finish) a postgraduate course in hospital administration.