my roving student life

My student career is a roving life. I love to try the new thing and explore different cultures as long as I could gain a chance.

During my undergraduate life, I was so fascinated with traditional Japanese Culture, and fortunately, I gained the opportunity to study architecture at the Tokyo Institute of Technology as an exchange student.

With the experiences of studying architecture in different countries and doing the internship in architectural firms, my thoughts about my future career gradually changed. So I tried the application of the Global Innovation Design Program when I was about to graduate. And fortunately, I gained the chance.

This is a joint master program of interdisciplinary subjects about design. It was established by the Royal College of Art in London, Pratt Institute in New York, and Graduate School of Keio Media Design, Tokyo. Thus I could study across these world-leading design institutions.

I am grateful to these opportunities that build my insight, thinking and ability significantly and uniquely.