Strength of Engineering Diversity at beBit

At beBit, we build USERGRAM, a cloud service specializing in sequence analysis (a method of capturing users' "situation"). We take pride in saying that beBit takes software engineering seriously. Even if beBit is a Japanese company and built USERGRAM for Japanese customers (for now), our team comprises engineers of different nationalities.

Here is the quick demographic:

Total number of Engineers including Project Manager: 36

Japanese Engineers: 21

Non-Japanese Engineers: 15

Non-Japanese engineers come from countries such as the United Kingdom, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Russia. The diversified nature of teams makes our team stronger. We share our knowledge, experience, and cultural background among the team and team members.

The engineers are grouped into several teams comprised of Japanese and non-Japanese engineers, and the whole conversation within the team is in English. Talking in English within teams has become highly beneficial because most of us are non-native English speakers. We improve each day while we have discussions while reading the documentation or holding a sharing session (where we share what we've learned) with all the team members.

Teams are grouped according to each individual's qualifications and willingness to learn new technology. For example, we have an infrastructure team that looks at cloud infrastructures crucial to USERGRAM to maintain 99.99% availability. Likewise, we have a dedicated feature team that implements excellent features in USERGRAM and provides value to our clients.

Each team has a particular name to identify themselves; for example, the infra team's name is Polyglots, and the team that looks over the back-end of USERGRAM is called Blackjack. Some other teams' names are Bulldozer, Fixers, Adventurous Park, etc.

After the COVID-19 impact, everyone has been working remotely since then, with five engineers working outside of Japan before that. Even though we are all isolated in remote work, we are all connected. All conversations occur in Slack, and we use Google Hangouts for virtual meetings. We also have a dedicated Zoom link available 100% of the time where everybody can meet and talk to other engineers whenever they want.

In the tech stack, we use the following.

  • We heavily utilize the AWS Cloud infrastructure and manage every service through Terraform.
  • GitHub is our source code hosting platform, and we heavily utilize GitHub actions for our CI/CD pipelines.
  • Python, Java, and TypeScript have been highly used languages, but there's no barrier to engineers' programming language of choice. We're heavily invested in designing microservice architecture; hence, the programming language's choice is up to the engineer who develops or implements the microservice.
  • We use Django for our REST API's and VueJS in FrontEnd while using pure Java with some hints of Spring boot for our back-end data processing services.
  • We use Kubernetes with EKS for container orchestration.
  • We use Kafka in data pipelines and Cassandra DB for a single truth source.
  • We use confluence for all the documentation, operation records, and incident postmortems.
  • Engineers prefer MacBook Pro to do everyday tasks.

beBit is hiring talented engineers like you. Are you interested in joining one of our team with an amusing name? Visit our recruitment page to apply.

12 いいね!
12 いいね!