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What we do

Many millennials face the pain of juggling home management with their hectic work schedules. As such, our founder and CEO, Poon Da Qian, launched Butler In Suits in mid-2016 to provide individuals with affordable home management on a weekly basis. Since then, Butler In Suits has grown steadily and is the only home management subscription that provides a wide range of services. These services include mailbox collection, apartment cleaning, laundry services and grocery shopping.

Why we do

Upon completion of the mandatory National Service in Singapore slightly more than a year ago, Poon had to start cleaning up his own home. This took up more than 8 hours of his time, weekly. The collection of mail, cleaning of the apartment, washing and pressing his laundry, grocery shopping and dry cleaning were time-consuming, causing him to lose his precious time for relaxation over the weekend. This got Poon thinking. Could he automate this process and ‘buy’ back his precious weekends?

How we do

With that, Poon conducted a survey amongst his Millennials friends to find out if they faced similar problems. He then came to the conclusion that domestic help was often deemed as expensive and part-time help, inefficient. This birthed the idea for Butler In Suits. Upon further development of this idea, Butler In Suits evolved into a month-to-month home management service, managing all your mail collection, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping services.