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Collab (collabcreators.com) is a Creator Development Studio and YouTube-certified Multi-Channel Network (MCN) providing production resources and consulting to talented YouTube creators. Collab currently manages over 1000 YouTube channels, with over 100 in Japan and 300 in Korea. Collab supports the next generation of digital content creators on YouTube and creates innovative entertainment properties for distribution across multiple platforms.


We believe creatively entertaining people around the world with video, can be one of the best ways to earn a living (on par with being a Chocolate Consultant or Water Slide Tester). Our mission is to boost the digital entertainer economy and make the lives of independent creators easier. We help build audience, sharpen skills and increase earnings with a combination of proprietary technology, sales, production, talent development, rights management, and friendly support.

Our network includes some of the best young comedy talent online with over 230 Million Followers and roughly 7 Billion Loops per month on Vine. We partner with leading brands to create shareable branded content for the big 6 social video platforms (Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook) as well as produce TV shows featuring digital talent.



ADWIB stands for Always Do What is Best for our Creators. If we focus on delivering an amazing service to our partners, the rest will take care of itself.

Quality Control
We care about quality and believe great content creators need Master Chef-like standards. Chef Gordon Ramsey won't let an overcooked, underseasoned risotto leave the kitchen, and we don’t upload anything less than our best.

The Golden Rule
We treat co-workers and clients, as we'd like to be treated…keeping communication friendly yet professional and respectful.

Weirdos Welcome
The Internet is a strange place. Google “manbabies” if you need further confirmation. We laugh often and feel free to get weird at Collab.

Be Gritty
When you combine passion and perseverance towards long term goals, you are going to get where you want to go no matter how many setbacks happen along the way. We do more with less and keep moving forward.

Creative Imagination
Whether we're finding a solution to a problem or coming up with an idea for a hilarious video, imagining like a kid leads to creative breakthroughs.

New Adventures
We’re always up for new adventures. Sometimes that means traveling to a place we’ve never been, pursuing a new business opportunity or struggling with the high ropes course at a company retreat in Big Bear while a corporate team building lady screams at you from 50 feet below.

Humble Confidence
We’re constantly learning, improving, building strength and we always believe in our ability to get the job done. We celebrate our wins but remain humble and grateful to the team.


Collab is a digital content studio & video creator development company building a new studio model.

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