Hi, I am Jeffrey CEO of Amazing Story Inc.

Today is good day. Because we have lots of reason to be thankful. Even now, there are lots of people in Kyushu and around of the world faces tough choices in life.

For me, I have been trying to pay attention to solve the issue of Youth people's job and mission less life.

Recently many young people in KOREA, JAPAN, other places,
it is tough to live or have a dream for the future.

i watched this KBS(Korea's national broadcasting company) special program captured snap shot of KOREAN Youth PEOPLE now.


When I was studying English in Cambridge, I also face tough life with no connection, less money and language barrier.

I think for me to have "HOPE for the brighter future" and below style of learning new things and challenging new environment helped.

That is the spirit and habits of asking question and keep practicing the action of HOPE.

So let's "Never be shamed to ask question."
And keep our hope for the life.

Life is AMAZING.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Moon

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