Hi, I am Jeff, CEO of Amazing Story Inc.

Good morning!
Thank you for your precious moment of reading this.

We truly appreciate and bless you who reads, share, comments and clicking like button of this 30 seconds feed.

I am definately sure that

"your today will be better than yesterday" with big smile!

In Amazing Story Inc. there is "NO LIMIT" on what you can learn and do. You will experience 1 to 1 personal yet friendly care on your learning, growing, sharing, debate and challenging for a better and new solutions. With your "Passion" and "Can Do Spirit", we got interesting and meaningful questions to solve, discuss and act together.

This is the place where work is like exciting play and play is like fun work .

You got talents or willingness to grow together with us?
Then stop hesitating, do send, talk your amazing story by any forms of portfolio, video, CV whatever you can explain you the best.

We welcome for Web & App development,Deal making, UX designer or whatever you propose your right role and fit for Amazing Story Inc. We are super flexible and simple.

"And though your & our beginning was small, your & our latter days will be very great like a tiny mustard seed".

If you think you have nothing to lose(Risk taker),
If you think you are the right one here(Positive mind),
then try to open your greatest chance today.

You may get reply with surprise message soon or sometimes late. :D

P.s The photo is not my hand. The seed is mustard seed.
It may be interesting how big it can grow. Check it out with your curiosity for today.


We are here with humble mind
to amaze the world together with you.

Have a wonderful day. :D

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