Today's topic is about who do I work with.

I believe that who do I work with is more important than what work I do in many times.

People often asked me what project is it and please share what kind of work I do. People rarely question about what kind of people I will work with and how do they work.

In reality, I found that if the people who I work with is much more portion for my outcome quality, volume and team contribution. To have self awareness and to fit myself in the team are key to perform better and make a meaningful impact.

So the greatest outcome is more about the people around me less than 5 meters of my place everyday. And I wish you can connect with the greatest leader and team mates. It did not mean that what work I choose and do is less meaningful.

I just suggest that to find the right leader which fit for you and team member is also critical factor for your success and growth. I may say it gives a lot of joy and fun too.

Thus, ask yourself and ask interviewers regarding who is team leader, team mate and their style, value and communication way. It is your daily life and that matters to you a lot. Yeah it really matters a lot.

Let's win over the choice of people and develop ourself to become the people's favorite choice who does love to work with. This is my two cents sharing today.

Life is Amazing!

Mr. Passion

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