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What we do

Haven is the SaaS-based technology company that thoughtfully advances global trade. Global trade has grown beyond human scale. Increasingly complex routes and higher stakes demand more efficient systems. Haven believes open collaboration and access to information are key to enabling faster, smarter, and more reliable freight shipping.

Why we do

We build powerful technologies to foster improved communication between companies, decrease trade roadblocks, and mitigate the inherent risks in global trade. Haven is built for companies that ship large volumes of cargo in need of a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows them to negotiate, ship, and track across thousands of providers and destinations through a single unified platform. Our scope isn’t limited to the industry of shipping: smarter trading impacts everyone, from the shippers themselves to those who consume the goods. When trade is transparent, deals close faster, ships sail at capacity, and the entire supply chain benefits.

How we do

We use technology to change the way people move and receive goods. Haven believes trade should be free from third-party interference, confusing terms, and opaque pricing. That’s something shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders all agree on, and it’s what drives us to build technologies that streamline logistics communications.