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Global Engineer Labの番外編として、
急遽meet up形式にて開催しました。

プレゼンも交流も全編All English!!



This event is an extra one. We suddenly decided to hold this event adjusting it to some Brazilian engineers’ visiting Japan.
With algorithm applied for artificial intelligent technique, Geekie has provided most adaptive materials to the students automatically ,with analyzing the big data ,such as their learning process ,abilities and tendencies. The results showed that the performance of students using Geekie have increased by 30% on average than others who don’t. Thus, they are the only official online company certified by Brazilian Educational Minister.

「Global Engineer Labについて」

Global Engineer Labは、グローバルに仕事をしたいエンジニアたちが集まるコミュニティです。 将来シリコンバレーやアジアで働きたい、もしくは日本を拠点に海外と仕事をしたいなどの、 グローバル志向を持ったエンジニア仲間が集います。

Global Engineers Lab is a community for engineers who want to work globally. Among the member are engineers who are ambitious for working in Silicon Valley, or for working in Japan with worldwide companies. They think globally.

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