What we do

Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd (Soilbuild) is a leading integrated property group with a successful track record of constructing, developing and managing an award-winning portfolio of residential and business space properties. With over 41 years of experience, Soilbuild has completed a multitude of purpose-built business spaces occupied by MNCs and SMEs in various sectors. It has collaborated closely with JTC Corporation under the Developer Partnerships Programme and leveraged its expertise in “design, build and lease/sell” schemes to be one of the leading private developers of quality business space.

Why we do

Mission To constantly push boundaries and provide value through a seamless and synergistic range of real estate services.

How we do

One key to Soilbuild's success lies in the vertical integration of its property development and construction units. It reaps significant synergies by leveraging off each division's expertise and sharing common resources, which has helped it to create a top-notch portfolio of properties designed to satisfy client needs at every level.