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What we do

The Golden Concepts (www.thegoldenconcepts.com) is your one-stop online store for quality senior care products for your loved ones. Our collection is specially selected from all around the world with a simple yet important aim - to maximise independence to ensure a high quality of life, at any stage of life.

Why we do

OUR VISION: ENABLING INDEPENDENT LIVING AND AGEING WELL IN ASIA In Asia, eldercare is often approached with an 'assisted' concept, which reduces the independence and control that our seniors have in performing their daily activities. Over time, this lack of activity often results in a faster rate of degeneration of muscles and strength. We believe more can be done to enable and encourage our loved ones to continue living their lives independently. At The Golden Concepts, we are serious about revolutionising the way we age in Asia, and we are deeply committed to curating the best selection of products from around the world to enable Independent Living and Ageing Well.

How we do

THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILITY We are strong advocates of maintaining Mobility, as we believe it is a key determinant of Independent Living and Ageing Well. A loss of mobility has profound consequences not just on a senior's physical state, but also on their social and psychological state. Mobility impairment occurs across a spectrum, and abilities can improve or deteriorate over time, regardless of age. The Golden Concepts provides different types of aids for different stages of the mobility spectrum, to maximise a person’s mobility at every stage. By matching the right aid to the right person at the right time, we believe we are able to encourage seniors to maintain their independence in their daily lives while enabling them to age well in the long run.