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A little look at a basic version of our platform
Videology is that wonderful thing of a multi-national company that has maintained a start-up feeling in many of the newer offices; and that includes the Tokyo office which has been open for around 2 years now. We have the freedom and excitement of a start-up, but the backing, patience and support of a big successful international business Our focus is on helping companies work out how to spend their television and digital advertising budgets effectively across all screens. We've got a fantastic platform which is used by all of the major agency holding groups, as well as really exciting deals with many Enterprise clients who are making the most of Videology's unique approach to planning and optimisation (it really is unique....there is no other company which approaches this in the same way that we do....and that's why we keep winning!) There is a huge importance placed on having the right people, and that means finding people who can balance the best of both Japanese and Western culture, who are not afraid to challenge their colleagues, and who are smart and confident enough to be able to proudly explain a product that is completely new to so many people in this market.


Someone smart once said that advertisers are the world's greatest storytellers; we help to get the stories told to the right people. Why do we do this? Do people even remember advertising any more? Sure they do! People engage with stories that are relevant to them and definitely get annoyed with pointless advertising that has no relation to their interests. So by trying to make sure that the advertising you see is more relevant to you we hope that you will find it less annoying, more interesting and more acceptable as you weave your way through various television channels and websites. The other upside to this is that broadcasters and online publishers can continue to afford to create top quality content because people become more willing to accept the fair trade of a bit of advertising in exchange for free content. Now, just to be very clear, we're not one of those creepy companies which follows you around the internet, and we definitely aren't one of those companies which thinks that because you once searched online for a hotel that they need to show you a thousand repetitive advertisements for the same hotel chain....no, we're way more sophisticated than that....but you'll have to join us to find out the secrets!


Scott Ferber...a serious contender for Nerf fanatic of the year...and a very successful businessman
Videology's vision for the future was set out by our founder Scott Ferber who a few years ago could see that the way the rest of the market was approaching video advertising just seemed to be not quite right; everyone bet that video advertising would go the same way as display advertising (commoditised, bid-based market), whereas Scott and others from Videology bet that it would actually be traded in a manner much more similar to the television advertising market (big deals traded upfront). Thanks to this vision Videology is in an unbelievably fortuitous position now as Advertisers and Broadcasters around the world start to deal with a market in which you and I don't just watch television on one main screen any more - we watch a bit on TV, some on tablets, maybe some on the games console, and a bit on our mobiles. Because of this fragmentation the industry needs to find a way to converge these different viewing platforms and lump it all together to get a much better idea of really who is watching the programmes...and so, just as predicted, online video is increasingly part of a wider television strategy rather than thought of as part of digital. Now if this all sounds a bit serious it is because there are huge sums of money involved in television advertising, and Japan is one of the biggest markets in the world; so the opportunity here is huge, and only just beginning now. Patience is a virtue, and particularly in Japan, but whilst we are working on bringing the platform into the Japanese market it is important to remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...and from the very top of the organisation downwards we make sure to find time for fun at work. We work really hard and we always strive to deliver excellent service to complement our best-in-the-business technology, but I can assure you that every single person in the team knows that some things are just a little bit more important than work....like avoiding the Nerf pellets..