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「Seller, Buyer and the World: the three-way satisfaction.」
Thanks to everyone, WASABI Co., Ltd. has entered its 5th year since our founding. So we took this great opportunity to renew our company logo.
While upholding the spirit of the "three-way satisfaction", we will continue to deliver a high-quality service to the world.
"Seller, Buyer and the World: the three-way satisfaction."
We continue our focus on Japanese craftmanship and Japan brands.
We want to transmit their appeal to overseas customers in an accurate and easy to understand way.
By using the Japanese flag and calligraphy in our logo we hope to convey those feelings.
As we strongly proceed with the first step towards overseas and while advancing ahead,
we will continue to provide future services that have an impact.
Along with the new logo, WASABI Co., Ltd. thank you in advance!

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