Evan Arnoldi

Walt Disney Company / Scriptwriter (Collaboration)

Evan Arnoldi

Walt Disney Company / Scriptwriter (Collaboration)

As an autodidact learner of English, I have been blessed with the opportunity to study and work in a field related to my hobby and lifetime interest, which allows me to excel in this particular field of work which is related to the English language and literature. After entering the professional field of translation at the age of 17, I am ready to tackle new challenges in the present and future, both as a lifetime learner and professional.


In the future

As a scriptwriter, I aspire to work with the best from the industry, specifically in Japan as I took most of my inspiration in writing scripts from Japan's anime, light novels, and movies. As a very succesful example of pop-culture, I believe continuing my career as a "Creative Industry" professional in Japan would be a very great goal for my professional life.

Walt Disney Company2 years

Scriptwriter (Collaboration)Present

- Present

In collaboration with Zenius Education, I have been producing educational videos with Disney IPs. My works range from Mathematic lessons with characters from Toy Story, and English lessons with characters from Big Hero 6.

Welocalize3 months

Linguistic QA Specialist(Side)


As a part-time Linguistic QA Specialist, I delivered all projects related to translations and interpretation in a timely manner, which includes translations of utterances, transcreation of blogposts and marketing jargon, and also occasional interpretation from Bahasa Indonesia to English, vice versa.

University of Indonesia6 years

Bachelor of Humanities, English Studies


Cakap Institute1 year

English Specialist


- Responsible in maintaining Cakap Private platform by teaching English to the participants with the specific materials tailored to every students' proficiency - Operates Cakap Chat platform by teaching, translating, and helping participants' requests including but not lim

  • Cakap untuk Bangsa #CUB

    I had been a part of the CUB (Cakap Untuk Bangsa) project for almost a year, teaching English to underprivileged children in various parts of Indonesia, including Anambas and Bangli. Also, I was responsible for the development of the materials used in the course, ranging from creation and proofreading, to ensure the accuracy of the materials.


Ritsumeikan University (Study in Kyoto Program)5 months

PBL Exchange Student, International Relations and National Security Studies


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