Jensen Hussey

Cloudflare  (クラウドフレア) / Web DeveloperSan Francisco, California

Jensen Hussey

Cloudflare  (クラウドフレア) / Web Developer

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Cloudflare  (クラウドフレア)6 years

Web DeveloperPresent

- Present

‣ Sole Front End Developer for new "Domain Registration" product. Managed architecting APIs with back end engineers. Using React and typescript. ‣ Created a "Domain Lookup" WHOIS and RDAP page using Go. Deployed to Cloudflare Workers, a Serverless technology platform.

Dropbox (ドロップボックス)1 year

Web Developer


‣ Implemented and conducted multiple $100k+ annual revenue web experiments for Dropbox Business and various international payment paths ‣ One of few engineers managing Dropbox's web release cycle to all staging and production environments

Liftopia3 years

Web Developer


‣ Converted legacy PHP pages to Rails/Ember.js single-page app for Liftopia’s white label ticketing system ‣ Led and launched client side work for promotional discount code redemption before a seasonal deadline

  • Kanji Worksheet Generator

    Web application developed to generate kanji writing practice worksheets. Developed to help myself and others practice their writing. Ranked 3rd on Google for 'kanji worksheets' and 1st on github for 'kanji'. Used by hundreds each month to learn.

OkCupid1 year

Web Developer


‣ Worked directly with designers to guide proper mobile-first design and UI/UX implementations ‣ Converted existing product sites (, to follow responsive design guidelines across all devices using front-end framework like Foundation and Bootstrap


  • Japanese - Conversational
  • English - Native

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