John Vaderna

Sushimura / Server

John Vaderna

Sushimura / Server

Hello, I am John and I am currently attending the University of British Columbia. I grew up in Japan and came over to Canada for university in May 2019. I have a lot of respect towards people, and have a broad perspective towards problems. I am a quick learner and will do my best to contribute to the team with the capability of doing necessary research on my own and being responsible for my own work.


In the future

I want to be able to lead a team and contribute to the company by keeping myself updated to news and staying competitive. I want to be reaching new goals constantly and be confident in my work. Finally, it is my biggest ambition to spread the business overseas and making connections in different parts of the world by providing the best quality of work.

Sushimura3 years


- Present

Interacting with customers as a server and managing sales. Learned to respect people and learned conversation skills. Also matching sales and researching what items sold the most and least, then applying the data to research and making changes our menu.

The University of British Columbia (UBC)4 years

Computer Science


Studying programming, focusing on C, C++, JAVA, and data structures. Also completed a project using JAVA, creating an application of a playlist of music.

  • Music Playlist Application

    Created an application using JAVA with the concept of object oriented programming. Used GUI for the user interface and created test cases to check if each functions were working as desired. The application is able to create a playlist, add music to which ever playlist you want and delete the playlist or delete the music from the playlist.


YMCA(Young Men's Christian Association)6 months

Fitness Instructor/Childcare(Side)


Desk attendant, assist patrons with gym equipment, assist cleaning and maintaining equipment. Keeping customers safe as they use gym equipment and instructing cardio activities with customers. In childcare, assisting professionals with keeping children safe and interacting with them by playing games and out door activities.


  • Conversation skills

  • Programming skills

  • Time Management




  • Japanese - Professional
  • English - Professional

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