Kasper Nymand

WorldCitizen.io / Founder & Community Advocate

Kasper Nymand

WorldCitizen.io / Founder & Community Advocate

Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations

Hi there, great to have you here! 👋


In the future

I deeply enjoy building connections and communities across the world. I strive to connect and share, empower and learn, grow, and establish meaningful and open-minded connections all over the world. I have a true passion for Japan, the Japanese language, Japanese culture and cuisine, among other things. I'm open for opportunities inside and outside of Japan.

WorldCitizen.io3 years

Founder & Community AdvocatePresent

- Present

WorldCitizen.io is a community for communities. We're not exclusive, rather, we're open and welcoming. We embrace the millions of communities that do already exist in the world to connect and share, empower and learn, grow, and establish meaningful and open-minded communities all over the world.

Coding Pirates6 years

Community ManagerPresent

- Present

Piratskibet.dk is an online community for children and youngsters, between 7-17 years, who share the interest and desire to explore everything in technology and how we can develop our creativity through it. Piratskibet includes a forum where pirates can chat with fellow pirates. A section to share your own projects with other pirates. And

Treasurer & Board MemberPresent

Coding Pirates is an organization in Denmark making room for children and young ones between 7-17 to come, play, have fun, and be creative with technology in various ways. Learning to code, 3D designing and printing, robots, and so much more fun stuff. If you have a kid, help them sign up! 💪


Chief Executive OfficerPresent

- Present

International Artist Agency • Art Event Planning & Consulting • Festivals

Business Administration and Support

We represent a group of independent artists, mostly international, and help make the connection between artists and businesses. Do you need an unforgotten (* insta-worthy) show for your next event? 🤳

Kacedia9 years


- Present

Global Marketing, Communications & Public Relations services on-demand. Kacedia is operating as an umbrella for my ongoing projects and any freelance business that I take on. You could call it my personal incubator. 👏

Business Academy Aarhus

Bachelor's Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management

  • MediaCom Denmark

    MediaCom is a global media agency under GroupM, focusing on content and connections. The Danish department wanted to know more about how the organizational culture influences the company's innovative capacity. Next, we contributed with ideas to how the company can further improve customer satisfaction through closer knit relationships and customer engagement. Part 1: How does the organizational culture influence the company’s innovative capacity? Part 2: How can MediaCom increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of relationships?

  • Rosendahl Design Group A/S

    The modern Scandinavian design company, Rosendahl Design Group A/S, was looking to expand their group of 7 brands into new markets in Europe. Our job thereby included market analysis of France, budgeting, and suggesting how the company could successfully expand and penetrate the French design, homeware and textile markets.

Aarhus BSS - Aarhus University

BSS Credits Module in Finance and Management Accounting and Control Systems

Forecast4 years

Marketing Manager


Forecast is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, with collaborative resource- and project management features using new machine-learning (AI) technology to help C-Levels, project managers, and team members understand and run better projects. Task management, scheduling, budgeting, estimations, insights, etc. are all a part o

Marketing Intern

Project Portfolio Management SaaS System Project Managers use Forecast to plan, budget, and run projects, predictably, profitably, and with unprecedented ease of use.

Copenhagen Business Academy

Academy Profession in Marketing Management

Roskilde Business College

Higher Commercial Examination (HHX)


Elementary School


  • Web marketing

  • Editorial skill

  • PR

  • Copywriting

  • Creativity

  • Planning, Danish, English language skills (speaking, writing, editing) and 27 skills



Awards and Certifications


  • English - Professional
  • Danish - Native
  • Swedish - Conversational
  • Norwegian - Conversational

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