Ritsuki Umeda

VaynerMedia / Senior Marketing Analyst & Creative StrategistTokyo, Japan

Ritsuki Umeda

VaynerMedia / Senior Marketing Analyst & Creative Strategist

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VaynerMedia2 years

Senior Marketing Analyst & Creative StrategistPresent

- Present

ソーシャル・リスニングとして、SNSクライアントの為に日本におけるトレンド分析とインサイト分析をしています。 クライアント様の口コミ情報や、コンペティターの情報を質的/定量的調査を通しレポートとして提供しています。

About Perform Media Japan

Perform Media Japan1 year

Marketing Executive


マーケティング担当として、以下の業務に従事 SNSバナー制作 ・ Yahoo、Google、Instagram、Twitter、Facebookの5つに記載される広告の制作 ・ 選手画像のセレクション

国際基督教大学4 years

Double Major/ Media, Communication, and Culture; Gender and Sexuality Studies


I am a senior at ICU and I am currently double majoring in Media and Gender Studies. My main interest is Sports Media/Advertisement and Translation Work. I would love to work in a sports company back in the states which involve product or athlete promotions or news scoops and article writing for broadcasting companies like ESPN.

  • “Art Without Borders” Art Gallery

    I have organized an art gallery called “Art Without Borders” organized by the International Christian University Photographic Society at International Christian University as financial organizer and event structural organizer. I took care of financials for the event budget and necessities for the artist. The main jobs was to calculate the amount of money being used for the event, how much the artists needed for their art piece(s), making a blueprint of the art gallery and making that come to life in the safest/cheapest structure possible. Also, I was able to get support from Red Bull to help out the event by handing out Red Bull beverages to the attendees.

Major League Baseball Japan3 months

Social Media Intern


I worked on the social media platform for MLB Japan, where I would be asked to give off proposals which can be used as reports for news broadcasting companies. Going through newspapers about the Japanese MLB players monthly and checking the social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) was the main task. Event planning and pr

About Nike

Nike2 months

Marketing Operations Coordinator


I was at Nike Japan for 2 months as one of the representatives of the Brand Marketing function. Specifically, I was helping out with invoicing and legality reports/invoices for Sports Marketing through Brand Marketing. The invoicing were for professional teams, professional players, and Nike sponsored college teams. Also, I worked on a pr


  • Coaching

  • Lacrosse

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Planning and Organizing events cum business strategy implementation

  • Teaching English as a Second Language



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